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Spring date night makeup tutorial get ready with me date night makeup women over 30 women over 30 makeup makeup looks for blue eyes and brown hair makeup over 30 hey guys! welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day today's video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup I'm wearing right now I'm actually about to go out to dinner with my husband and I filmed this originally I was going to do it as a get ready with me but i like how it came out so much and it's different than anything I have done before I put false lashes on for the first time I have a bold berry lip and I did not smoke out my eye so things are getting crazy so this is a new makeup look that's different than anything I've done thus far please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already let's go ahead and get started with the tutorial women over 30 makeup Hayyyyy Hiiiii I already prepped my skin with the Bobbi Brown hydrating under eye cream and the Bobbi Brown face base then I pulled my Hourglass Mineral Veil primer out of my drawer I used to love this primer and I still do it kept my makeup looking great all night and then per usual I am filling in the lines on my forehead using the Amazing Cosmetics Line Filler & Primer this is the most effective live filler that I have tried then again per usual I'm using the Dr Brandt Pores no More on my cheeks and my chin where my pores are just a little bigger then I'm using the Laura Mercier radiance Primer I'm just going to put it on the places where I am going to put highlighter late if you like a really radiant complexion you can put this everywhere but I have oily skin so I am just going to keep it on the spots where I usually put highlighter instead of putting it everywhere and then for color correcting my dark circles I am using the peach side of my MAC studio conceal and correct duo and my Japonesque 910 brush i really like how this counteracts the dark circles and add some brightness at the same time so you only have to use one product so no caking then I'm going in with the revlon airbrush foundation I believe it is in the shade natural beige but i will leave it in the description box below this is actually the first time I have used this foundation and I really liked it I know it looks a little bit orange right here but i think that is just the camera and as you saw from the intro when it's all said and done it ended up looking great but i do like this foundation, it did last all night and it looked great all night and I though the coverage was really good & i liked it with the makeup geek foundation stippling bush I'm priming my eyelids with the benefit stay don't stray if you've seen any of my videos before you know I love this product for priming my eyelids and I'm making sure to get it in the inner corner I'm using the Dior Star concealer on my dark circles and the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for the rest of the triangle also for highlighting down the bridge of the nose the forehead, the cupid's bow the chin and then the rest of the triangle mixing the colors 20 & 25 together underneath the eyes color 20 is on the rest of it and then I'm blending it out with the damped beauty blender taking it all the way to the side of my nose to make sure it doesn't look like there's a shadow there so my nose doesn't look wide and I make sure it's in the inner corner and then I ran the beauty blender below the cheekbones to put the excess concealer there it adds a highlighted effect and also tones down the color of the foundation and then I used a dampened real techniques sponge all over the foundation because I thought I got a little bit heavy handed in my application then I'm going to set my concealer directly on my dark circles using the Elf high definition setting powder and I'll also run that on my eyelids and then for the rest of the triangle and the rest of the concealer I'm mixing the peach shade and the yellow shade together I'm putting that on the concealer which gives an additional highlighted effect I'm filling in my eyebrows per usual using the Chello eyebrow pencil in the shade tantalizing taupe as well as the Anastasia brow gel in the shade brunette while I do that i will tell you I managed the part of the video with the bronzer, blush & highlight but i still wanted to put this video up because it's a different eye and lip look I'll leave the info in the description box but i used products that I've used in other videos I already covered my eyelid with the Wet n Wild Creme Brullee now I'm going in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Vanilla this is a shimmery vanilla shade the other one is matte I'm working this into the inner corner to inner third of the eye for highlighting and then we're going to define the crease with the too faced chocolate soleil bronzer in the shade medium deep, this is also the same bronzer i used on my face this is the sigma e35 brush you want to build it up to the intensity that you like but this is a nighttime look so i probably went back in about 4 times for more color i wanted to make sure its on the inner corner of my eye so go all the way from the outside edge and then all the way to the inner portion like i am here to make it a more dramatic nighttime look im working the color into the crease then also above the crease alternating between windshield wiper motions and small circular motions then i'm highlighting my brow bone with the laura mercier highlight 01 this is the same highlight i used on my face and then instead of smoking out my eye i'm using the maybelline color tattoo im using my sigma inner corner brush to apply it to my lower lash line this will give our eyes a brightened effect instead of a smokey effect then i'm using the revlon skinny liner to create a small line on my lash line

i really liked this eyeliner it's very easy to work with and you can do a thin or thick line and i'm just going to extend this line just a little bit beyond my lid but not in a big wing or anything like that just a little flick i'm adding drama by making sure this is defined as well and then i got super bold and i decided to use false lashes! when the glue was tacky i got the lashes on and i was so proud of myself! as you can see in this video i forgot to put mascara on first which i did put mascara on first on my other eye but i didnt film that eye so of course i forgot mascara on this eye but i did manage to put the lashes on and i was super proud of myslef then i went in with the urban decay perversion mascara i really like this mascara it's not as clumpy as the better than sex mascara on my lower lash line im using maybelline the falsies mascara i really like the small wand that's on this brush then for lipliner im using revlon colorstay lipliner in the shade pink i'm very carefully lining my lips with this liner taking my time to make sure im not making it a hot mess then im going to fill my lips in with the lipliner to make the look last longer because i am going to dinner then im using the loreal infallible le gloss in the shade cherry flash im putting that right on top of the liner i thought this lipgloss was sooo pretty and then because im a false eyelash professional and i know what im doing i fixed the liner on the band so it was less noticable and then i set my makeup using the urban decay all nighter setting spray and that is it so that is it for this video, i hope you liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the info for everything i used for this makeup look will be in the description box below so be sure to check that out along with all the links to my social media my instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook so follow me on one of those social sites or all of them if you have all of them thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in my next video! bye!