Summer Makeup Over 40

– Hi, it's Maryam, today's video is going to be a summer makeup look for women over 40 Of course you don't have to be 40 to do this makeup look, but I wanted to do this for my ladies over 40, if you'd like to create this look, or see how I created this look, actually, I only created it with one palette, really, didn't have to dig into different palettes, which is awesome, you can create this look, it's very simple to create it, and I wanted to create something that was light and fresh, and glossy and fun

So I hope that you enjoy this tutorial, let's get started I'm gonna use this by Colorescience, it's called Prime Bronze Protect, and this has SPF 20 in it, and it's not at all heavy And I'm going to use this BECCA Under Eye corrector, this has grown on me since I first tried it, at first I wasn't sure if I really liked it, but I've been using it ever since, and I really, really like it I only put this under my eyes, directly right under my eyes, I don't bring it down or anything, this is just to color correct the dark circles, I have a vein here, it does a pretty good job at masking out the color See how much brighter that looks already, it looks great, but I do always cover it with concealer, I put it right under to kind of act as a brightener

I like to go in with a concealer and cover up any imperfections and just kind of even out my skin a little bit more In the summertime, I try not to wear too much foundation, because I just don't feel like it looks good, after a while you just start sweating, especially here, California's so hot, it just doesn't, it's not worth it So I'm gonna, this is is the L'oreal Infallible in shade 500, it's Sun Beige 500, it's actually a little bit dark, but I like using it for the summertime, 'cause during winter, it's very off, the color is very off, but summertime it's nice I'm gonna use this palette by Maybelline, and I'm just gonna get a big fluffy brush like this, this more orangey one which is more of a bronzer, and just kinda put a light layer all over my skin anywhere that the sun hits, you wanna put your bronzer there I like using bronzer with gray hair, it brings back life into my skin, I feel like the gray doesn't wash me out as much

This is a Laura Geller blush, it's called Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Papaya It's a very nice coraly shade, perfect for the summer It's very pigmented, so go light-handed I'm gonna use this palette here, My Little Pony palette, it was on sale, and I got it on ColourPop's website because it was on sale, I wanted to get it, actually, before, but I bought two more palettes before this one, I was just kinda waiting to buy this one, and then it was on sale, so I jumped on the opportunity I think I wanna make this kind of a goldy-bronze look, because it already looks like I'm going there with the bronzer and just looking summery, so I feel like if I use the cooler shades it's gonna be too cool, so I'm gonna stick with these five shades here, and maybe a little bit of this color

So I'm priming my eyes with the Smashbox 24 Hour, what is it called, 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer Actually, I thought I was gonna use this just for the crease, but I think I'm just gonna bring it all the way down to my eyelids too I'm going to get this shade here and deepen the crease, but I'm gonna make this brush a little bit smaller Isn't this the cutest, I love that It actually doesn't look like much in the pan, you think it's the ugliest color, but once you put it on your eyes, it looks more pink, and it actually really complements that peach color

I'm not afraid of color, I love color, and just love experimenting, so hopefully you will love experimenting with me Look how pink that came out, that is so strange, look, it looks so dull and kind of an ugly duckling in here, it doesn't impress me at all, but once I put it on, woo, that's really pretty And I'll use another brush and get that peach, and kind of smooth out the edges here You can even go all the way to your brow, seriously, this color is so pretty that it doesn't really look weird if you go up a little higher So this afternoon I promised Arianna I was gonna take her to the pool, we're gonna go hang out, right, Arianna? – [Arianna] Yeah

– Yeah, we're gonna have fun, and then go have some dinner after, make it a girl's day out I love me some gold, lemme see, what's the difference between these two, I feel like this is already too close to that, so I feel like I pop it with this Oh my goodness, that is so pretty Something about shimmer and satiny shades that just rock my world, I don't know, I just love it Let's get this color again, we're gonna put this on the lower lash line

And what I'm gonna do for the inner corner, I'm gonna use the orange color, and I'm gonna put that right inside here Gonna use a smaller brush like this, and use that kind of a champagne color and highlight my brow Ooh, that's pigmented, we don't want it to be that light And then I'm gonna do my brows off camera because it takes me like 15 minutes (laughs) to do my brows I'm gonna use this mascara by Total, I mean, by Maybelline, sorry, by Maybelline Total Temptation, give it a couple of coats of mascara

– [Arianna] Yay, goes between – See, I feel like after even three coats, I'm still not getting the volume I want (whimpers) I'm thinking maybe I should go to false lashes I'm gonna put these false lashes, and I'll be right back I need me some lips, so I'm gonna line my lips with this It Cosmetics liner, which is almost running out, but it's kind of a, okay, it's not even showing up on my lips

I swear it used to show up I think it's dried out Why, this was a really pretty color, I have to throw this away now (clicks tongue) Oh well This one is by Milani, it's not quite the same color, but it's kind of a nude color, which will work with anything

Now, this is an Anastasia lip gloss, it's, oh, I can't read this small, it's called Petal, Anastasia lip gloss, so Ooh, this is pretty These glosses are really good, I've had 'em for some time, and I have swatches of them, I'm gonna link it in the description box ♪ My destiny ♪ – [Arianna] That's the wrong lyrics, Mom – Okay, sorry

(laughs) This is my summer look for women over 40, I hope that you enjoyed this peachy pink summer look, if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already, and if you liked this look, please share it with your friends Thank you, I'll see you next time Bye

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