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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day today's video is a makeup tutorial on the look that i'm wearing right now it's a simple summer kind of bronzy glow makeup tutorial with a pop of color on the eye and I also i'm going to tell you the products that I use for the summer months for how to put my skin and different products that i use for makeup skin prep setting all that good stuff and then things that i use in the summer to protect my hair i used a bunch of stuff that was in last month's box each arm this is one of the new urban decay mice lipsticks i also use a new mat and Goyle product from bareMinerals so use a lot of new products in this video so there'll be a lot of first impressions as I go so if you would like to see how about this makeup look and here so my skincare makeup prep tips then just keep watching ok so first for skin prep you definitely have to take care of your skin obviously you around but in the summer months if you're putting on a lot of sunscreen or you're just being outside a lot so you're clogging up your pores with sweat sunscreen you really have to make sure you are watching your face in the Solomons i still use my purpose cleanser in the morning or after you come inside and i like to use this to get like the top layer of like grime off I use these you around also but I really up the frequency in the summer months the first one is the motion detoxifying black cleanser and i really like it with their little charcoal sponge the first one I had was the black charcoal one which i think is the purifying one I don't really like that one this one I can't remember what it's called it's not quite as scrubbing but i still really like it they just pop it onto here put it on your skin and just rub it as a warming feeling so you really kind of feel like it's warm its melting them purities out of your skin and then a really good drugstore product is the garden a clean new black head eliminating scrub I've talked about this before also in a full video i did about garden products if you haven't seen that i will link it down below are gay is of course incredibly affordable this one is very scrubbing so if you have really sensitive skin and you don't like products that are super scratchy I wouldn't get this i would get like the neutrogena naturals one about when I feel like I really have clogged pores I really like this one and twist pores and clear your complexion and it's a charcoal for oily skin once you have your skin all clean and you're prepping it for makeup i still use the neutrogena hydroboost water Joe but I switch to the normal line instead of the very dry skin one is just a lighter hydration layer and so I find this is better for me for the summer the hydronic acid is supposed to draw water molecules to your skin which help plump up your skin but also help it continue to be hydrated throughout the day and the winter time i use hydrating primers and a lot of you know face breeze or whatever it is hydrating but in the summer I like to get my hydration from the neutrogena and then from masks and so I saw these in CBS this is their beauty 360 line and this is the hydrating deep moisture tissue facial mask and these are just like the sheet masks that you can get from sephora so they have a hydrating when they have a purifying one in a anti wrinkle when I think these are five dollars and they're not that much cheaper than before I think so far as maybe eight dollars so i use these in the summer time to give myself some hydration but I don't want to put all that hydration product underneath my makeup because it can just be too heavy for underneath my eyes i use hydrating gel mask these are from OSHA this is the sake brightening hydro gel mask I'm just showing you this to basically tell you that i use the little hydration masks underneath my eyes these are great but they're not like my favorite oh my god you have to go out and get them i'm just using him as an example and pretty sure that this 360 brand has I ones but I do find that any of these little under I hydration masks have been effective so I do like to put those on the days when I am going to be doing my makeup and i find it really helps my concealer on better and also for my eyes i started using the mirror and essential see I cream and this has a SPF 15 and I got a facial and aesthetician was telling me that I should use an eye cream that has SPF in it is also brightening because it's the essential see line but i mainly like it because it has sunscreen in it so I added this to my summer skin routine I really like this olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream with sunscreen because it has an SPF 30 and i find it where is underneath my makeup really well after I put it on I do use a tissue just to make sure you get off a little bit of the excess and then I put mattifying products around my t-zone I have combination skin but if you have normal or dry skin you have wrong with this making your face oil underneath your makeups the skin care stuff that I kind of switch up my routine for the summer lastly I'll show you briefly the Sun bum products and really like these they smell like sunscreen is no really great that extra reason that I like them is because they are you be protecting for your hair for shampoo conditioner and then the shine on which kind of reduces the flyways it just gives you like a little bit of shine it's a lightweight oil all of these products are you protecting so if you're going to be out and about and outlets on a lot this would be something really good to have UV rays can harm your hair just like they can harm your face so that is it for the skin prep and hair care protection portion of the video let's go ahead and get started with the makeup tutorial so I'm going to start by exfoliating my lips my lips to get dry in the summer months and so I like to use an exfoliator and this one by health is wonderful and affordable and then i'm going to put some lip balm on I got this in the boxy charm box and it is a very nice lip balm I will really like that brand mrs

the essential see I cream I'm just padding that in and like i said i love it because it has SPF 15 and this olay regenerist has the spf30 which I really like that also just a little bit more than SPF 15 which is what i use over the winter then for priming i'm using the mirror on invisible er I like this because it has the SPF 30 and i like to layer my sun protection in the summer and because it's not modifying and i'm using the Bekaa ever matte and you really just have to kind of work this into your skin until it feels a little sticky and then for the lines on my forehead always the amazing cosmetics line filler and primer and for my undereyes the Smashbox hydrating primer which is even more important in the summer and then for the redness i'm using the Bekaa pistachio concealer the green is supposed to counteract the red this is the first time i have used this product and I'm just dabbing it in with my finger which i found was pretty effective and it's not a one hundred percent block out the red but it definitely helps and i'm using the Bekaa papaya corrector this is the first time of use this one also and i did like it I think it was pretty effective at counteracting the dark circles and it wasn't drying but if you guys would like me to do a whole video on those two I can do that but they are nice but I need to use them more I think to get like a real kind of should you buy them or not or not and this is the Urban Decay complexion Perfector it has SPF 30 in it again i do like to layer the sun protection in the summer I really like how this goes on with the Beauty Blender the most it doesn't go on as nicely with a brush for some reason but i like to use the brush on my neck just because it's faster this is the Make Up For Ever HD concealer i really like this concealer but i don't think they do you don't think I like it as much as Urban Decay one and this is the Knicks highlighter as more of a concealer consistency it's a nice highlighter but i think it's a little bit thick for my liking i like the bareMinerals stroke of light better than I like the next one but it does blend in well and it does give you some highlight and i'm just using that to conceal my islands in my inner corner and then i'm mixing the Bobby Brown peach powder that I have with the laura mercier translucent powder and just setting all of that and then i'm going in with the bare minerals Matt and glow and i'm setting the rest of the concealer in the t-zone with the mat product and this is the brush that goes with the product but I wouldn't recommend buying the brush I don't think it's worth the price you can just use a brush that you already have and it doesn't even tell you which side you're supposed to use which I don't like that either mrs the marc jacobs mirage do i really like this powder right to continue to reach for it it's a very pricey but you do get a lot of the yellow and contour shade and i use the yellow a lot to carve out my cheekbones this is the Smashbox warm matte bronzer i really like this bronze I think it's a really pretty just tan color where you can just warm up your face and make it look natural and it blends very nicely and I do like to run it down my neck I filled in my eyebrows per usual with the Anasazi or browse and set them in place with the brown cow eyebrow gel that was in the boxy charm box it was a good brown gel but not mind-blowing this makeup geek blush oh my gosh it is so pigmented look I'm barely touching my face and how much it is going on really like this blush i'm going to get some more colors and i love that this came in the box each arm box I just love that boxy charm is such a good price and you always get great products of very rarely been disappointed with them this is a globe powder i think the problem with this is that it is a glow it is not a highlight if you think it's going to be a highlight it's not it's just supposed to give you like a little glow not a highlight and I think that's why people are really disappointed in it but I wouldn't recommend purchasing the palette I don't think it's worth the price and I don't think either of the products are that wonderful so to start the I look I'm going in with makeup geek vanilla and I'm just putting that all over the eyelid and then i'm going in with Anasazi of vanilla this one's more sparkly so I like to use this more of a highlight underneath my eyebrow in her corner and like the very inner part of the eyelid and that is going to be the only eyeshadow we put on the island for this look I'm going to make a very thin line with the bobby brown gel liner and my seat to brush this gel liner is no joke it stays on all day but I am able to get it off easily with my neutrogena I make it remover pads so this is a star of the show this came in the box each arm box the pure minerals eyeliner and so I'm starting by putting it just a thin line underneath my eye and then the key is to use these up and down motions to fill in all the flesh tone on your I you want to all of it to be blue or whatever eyeliner color you're using you want to completely cover your lashline and your waterline with that color so I'm putting the eyeliner and water line now and then I'm smudging it all out i did test this eyeliner first to make sure it smudges so be sure to do that because it will be disappointing if you do all that work and then it won't kind of smudge out and soften and I'm so glad that you guys like this blue liner look because my daughter didn't like it she gave me a complex some curling my eyelashes and putting on the it cosmetics tightline to prep my lashes for fall season these are flirty eyes eyelashes that i got from hautelook a really long time ago they're really really expensive even on hautelook i don't think i would buy them again but they are really pretty then I'm putting the Loreal voluminous carbon black mascara on the top and bottom lashes then I'm lining my lips with the starbucks ultra-long where mechanical lip pencil this was in the box also and i'm going to fill my lips into i did like the quality of this pencil it wasn't drawing it was creamy which was nice for a long wear lip pencil then I finishing off the look with the new vice lipstick by urban decay in the naked shade in the cream formula i like to finish of this lipstick and it felt really good on the lips i'm setting everything into place with the coolest makeup setting spray this has SPF in it which is great for summer it's for the video i hope you liked it if you did please give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the information for all products that i use will be in the description box below all my social media links will be down there to my Instagram my Twitter my snapshot on my facebook thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video I my next favorite i have one of them on today it is the Katy Perry Katy cat matte lipsticks this one that i have on today is in the shade