Tali Angh- Your Eyes Are On Me (Official)

Tali Angh- Your Eyes Are On Me (Official)

Anytime we believe and sing to Jesus “you’re beautiful” He sings back to us the same because we are not only made in His image but washed and bought by His pure and precious blood to become just like Him.

There’s so much shame and dissatisfaction within ourselves because every now and then we are assaulted and corrupted by the lies and the things of the world around us and there’s a constant need for us to be restored to the beauty and image of who God has made us to be, there’s a constant need to call out and to remind our soul of our true identity in Christ and to embrace ourselves and people around us.

I pray that every time you listen to this song you’ll have the revelation that the pure eyes of Jesus are locked on you with love and grace and His light beaming right into your spirit and soul and see yourself being liberated and lifted!

Directed by: Imcha Jamir
Assistants: Atsung Ajem and Tali Walling
Video production: Sinai TV
Audio Mixed by: Nash Longkumer
Mastered by: Luke Pimentel
Recorded at: Jam Studio 11
Music written and composed by: Tali Angh
Special thanks to: Jamong Ao and Meyisen Angh

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Your Eyes Are On Me

My heart is sinking deep in the depths of your everlasting love
You call me your beloved
oh how you cloth me with your grace
You ravish my heart…x2
With your love greater than shame

You’re beautiful
Oh I know your eyes are on me

Until the break of dawn and the shadows flee I will wait
Until my eyes are filled with your light I will wait for you
You’ve stolen my heart…x2
With just one glance of your eyes

You’re the lily of the valley my song in the dead of the night Jesus Jesus
You’re the sweetest rose of Sharon my only one the loveliest Jesus Jesus