Teenager इस NAVRATRI करें ऐसे MAKEUP की सब देखते रह जायेंगे – Festival Makeup For Beginners | Anaysa

why you stopped the music?? oho you click my picture no Mam, you have to tell the video intro Greeting guys we all have so crazy about Navratri and Garba we all want to look good and perfect so on this colourful festive Occasion Get ready with me or if you don't have makeup products so there's a sale going on nykaacom I've picked my makeup products from there now its your turn so lets get started with this amazing makeup look We need to apply moisturiser first to achieve a perfect makeup as it smoothens our skin after that whatever we apply like primer, foundation will get set well Primer is must to apply as this creates a barrier between our skin and foundation which is good for our skin here I am using colorbar primer this will makes my foundation to look good As we're getting ready for Garba Party so we need to apply a long lasting foundation here I am using Faces foundation you can use whatever foundation you like but it has to be long lasting one & yeah blend your foundation well so no one can determine that you apply foundation As I remain busy in shoots not get time for home remedy due to which dark circles appear but no matter I can cover them with this concealer it covers my dark circles so well I'll use home remedy too whenever I'll get time whoever wants that their foundation doesn't look cakey?? so try out this trick I am applying loose powder all over my face just like the compact powder this gives a smooth texture to my foundation now I need to contour my face so that my face looks sculpted here I do contouring on my cheeks and nose As Garba is full of colours so I make my cheeks colourful too this is so amazing blush so you must try it this highlighter is so amazing you'll get five different shades on a single pallet I am applying it well on my cheek bones, bridge of nose, forehead etc

done with our face makeup now its turn to do eye makeup first of all I am filling my eyebrows here I am using Lakme's eyebrow pencil the best part is that along with eyebrow pencil it has a Spoolie too so you can set your eyebrows well how amazing is this !! now lets start applying eyeshadows first I am applying this dark brown shade on my crease line to get a transition look then I am applying this light pink shade just below it I am applying it just below the crease not on crease line so that transition looks get clearly visible blend it well starting from outer corner of your eye from the same pallet I pick olive glitter colour on my finger tip and applying it well on my eyelids as it looks bit darker so I am applying the golden colour over it yeah now its get lighter as I wanted so you can also use this to make any dark colour to lighter again I am applying pink colour on outer corner of my eyes so that it gets pop up well now I am blending dark brown colour using another brush this makes my eyes to look bigger and my eye makeup will look well then you apply any of of your favourite eyeliner here I make winged eyeliner due to this my eyes looks like of almond shape which I like the most after that I am applying little thick kajal on my lower lashline this makes my eye makeup pop up well to make your eye makeup more vibrant so from the same pallet apply pink shade using a pencil brush just below the kajal and then apply that dark brown shade just below the pink one this gives continuity to your eye makeup I wanted to apply false lashes for this Garba so here I apply glue on this false lashes now i am gonna fix it on my upper lash line as you can see these lashes look so beautiful now I am curling both my real and false lashes with a mascara so that my eye lashes looks bigger I'll do same eye makeup on my right eye too here done with my eyemakeup Now I am applying Lakme's lipstick its texture is so amazing and the colour is so pretty It perfectly get matched with my outfits here i put dotes below the wings using a eyeliner bond making it on my collar bone too lastly I use this makeup setting spray to set my whole makeup well this sticks all my makeup layers well so here I am ready for Garba Party tell me in the comment below how am I looking in this outfit?? its not necessary to use the same product s which I've used today although I've given all the products links in the description box below so don't forget to check them hit LIKE to this video & SUBSCRIBE to our channel ANAYSA to see my pictures in this outfit so follow me on instagram