Testing Devil/Octopus Lips – TIKTOK Makeup Challenge

Testing Devil/Octopus Lips – TIKTOK Makeup Challenge

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OMG y’all happy FRIDAY THE 13th! its like a mini HALLOWEEN!
In todays video I attempt one of my sassiest and silliest ‘Pintertest Challenge’ videos ever, except now its a ‘TIK TOK Challenge’ where I attempt to give myself a cheap, fast & easy lip plumpling lip injection look with false eyelash fake lash glue – except I wanted to take it one step further and see if I could give myself the latest “Russian” beauty enhancement trend the DEVIL lips? or OCTOPUS lips? Can you guys even believe this? Do you think its REAL? or all Photoshopped? Have you seen this on anyone before in real life?

Is This Makeup REAL or FAKE-

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If you read this whole description comment ‘OCTOPUS’!


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