The Beauty Roller For Eyes Contouring Tool I MDNA SKIN

The Beauty Roller For Eyes Contouring Tool I MDNA SKIN

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A 360° precision microroller for eyes powered by invisible waves of Ultra-Infrared Energy from pure carbon. This revolutionary contouring tool helps visibly de-puff and firm fragile skin of the delicate eye area while helping refine the look of orbital contours and smooth the appearance of expression lines.

High-density carbon spheres are engineered with gentle precision microgrooves that target the undereyes, brow bone and finer contours of the face. These spheres roll in every direction to gently stimulate the eye area, brow bone and temples while helping visibly diminish puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Ultra-Infrared Energy emanates from pure, high-density carbon– an element found in nature. The molecular vibrations from this invisible force can melt ice without heat and help visibly transform skin. Tired-looking eyes are immediately and visibly energized, brightened and reawakened.

Crafted from specialized carbon of the highest purity and density, compressed at an extreme pressure and fired for 90 days at temperatures as high as 2,800° C.


Dark circles, puffiness & fatigue: Gently roll along the orbital bone, avoiding the skin directly underneath the eyes.

Fine lines & furrows: Gently roll in an upward motion to help create a visible lifting effect at the corners of the eyes, and in a vertical motion to help relieve the look of tension above the brow to the temple.

Expression lines: Gently roll over fine lines and creases in a vertical motion to help visibly smooth skin.