The Best Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2020

The Best Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2020

If you’ve been relying on the same makeup routine for years, a new decade is as good a time as any to rock a new trend. Curious about which products should replace your outdated makeup? Here’s how beauty experts say you’ll be serving major face in 2020.

In 2020, those bold, overly-defined Instagram brows are going to get left behind. Certified microblading expert, Diana Melendez who owns Accentuated threading and microblading studio, says,

“I’ve had lots of clients going for more of the ‘undone’ look than the full on ‘Instagram Brow,’ which is showing us that the all-natural look is making its mark.”

Makeup artist Christina Flach similarly predicts a more natural-looking brow, also known as a “soft brow”, will take center stage in 2020. But, just because bold brows are out, that doesn’t mean these natural-looking brows are going to look sparse.

Flach said soft brows will still involve, quote, “enough definition to frame the eyes.” Melendez, too, says brows will be keeping their fullness. She added,

“I personally love to keep the brows full, especially [since] we tend to lose our brows as we get older.”

Watch the video for more about the best makeup trends you’ll be trying in 2020!

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Soft brows | 0:16
Bushy brows | 1:11
A timeless face | 2:04
No-makeup makeup | 3:14
Dewy skin | 4:01
A dark lip | 4:50
Bright white eyeliner | 5:54
Bold colors | 6:48
Purple all day | 7:26
Glitter’s back! | 8:02
All of the gloss | 9:02
Clear mascara | 9:30
’90s-style contour | 10:21
Rosy cheeks | 11:10