The Number One Secret to Cover Under Eye Bags or Dark Circles (For Mature Skin Over 40)

hey I'm going to share with you the number one secret to covering up the blue under your eye bags and circles that you have to deal with as a mature woman the aging process is natural so we're going to be content while we are going through this process I have the number one secret and then I also have two products that are going to help you not look like you have a ton of products trying to cover up and conceal all of your imperfections on your skin if you are new to my LauriePOP Channel ideas the pop I create YouTube videos about ideas that just pop into my head you know as some women can do we just have this Idea and this idea then this idea and they're all intertwined with noodles so thanks for popping over and for being my new friend so this is where I get ready every day you can see how yellow and orangey it looks in this space one of the problems we have covering up these under-eye circles and under-eye bags is that we are getting ready underneath orange yellow lights instead of a natural light instead of the white fluorescent lights now that I've moved in front of a window with natural light you can see that the bags almost disappear by themselves because of the lighting we get ready and put on our makeup put on all of our beauty products skin care products cover up products in poor lighting and then when we get outside into natural daylight or into a building with fluorescent lights the white fluorescent light it looks totally caked on or it looks unnatural so my process today is going to show you ways to hide it without using a whole lot of products and I also have some drugstore products that I think are very beneficial and effective for the under-eye bags for mature eyes mature skin the number one thing that I learn from Wayne Goss he is a fellow youtuber is to double moisturize you're going to put your skincare moisturizer on top of your face two different times and you're also going to give yourself a mini spa treatment and you're going to use your ring fingers because those have the least amount of weight and you're going to just do little circles all around your eyes and don't forget to go on top of your eyebrows especially in your temples that works out all those fluids that have gotten stuck in there because the salt from the Chinese food that you've had I've already put on one foundation or one base know I keep saying foundation I've already put on one layer of my lotions my moisturizer and now this was just my second one okay so now what we're going to use is an under eye corrector that is salmon color for our skin tone the salmon color is great for covering up blue bags okay grey bags under your eyes and I do use Mary Kay I have used their skin care stuff for about 20 years and but I just found this a year and a half ago and I have never had to rebuy this so it lasts a whole long time and if you don't want to use a Mary Kay consultant I mean I list my person below but if you don't want to use your if you don't want to use a Mary Kay person I have some of these on Amazon there were only two left when I checked and they're around 12 to 13 dollars now with your brush you are just going to use a brush that you can only use for this under a corrector it's going to correct the coloring so that's what we've done first we've worked with the sagginess now we're covering up just the part that is blue I mean you can already see how much more corrected it is alright so we're going to pack just right there and we are very lightly putting it and if you want you can go up into your corners because you're going to cover that up with your foundation I'm also going to show you a neutral makeup look eyeshadow look super simple easy get you out the door sometimes go around here now I have a tan and or from being at the beach all right let me check this to make sure it's really really worked in but you only want to do this inside triangle there is not a lot of depth that you see if you just cover up this inside corner then the blue and the line that's back there is going to be less visible okay I just let that dry and then for a quick get out the door in the summer is dripping okay for a quick get out the door look I'm just using this Maybelline Dream BB cream and BB cream stands for beauty benefits and I'm just covering up everything with my hands some of the best makeup tools are your two hands that God gave you and then for the eyes I always start with I'm not through below here with these bags so stay with me don't go anywhere this is just a natural get out the door look and I use my very lightest shade of my japonesque palette because I'm using the cream eye primer this is going to help set everything and make it last all day long and I can guarantee you your eye makeup will last all day long I just put that base on and then I put more okay you want to brush that can give you more you don't have to spend a lot of money on brushes I love the precision brushes by it elf has really good inexpensive brushes all right look that's just a basic skin tone color when I put on right now and I'm just going up the next shade whatever you're in the mood for it you just want a little bit of color in that crease and then you just use an eyeliner halfway over to open up those eyes and I put it right on the image and we're trying to this I put it right on the edge just kind of flaking it through my eyelashes it's not just sitting there on top of the inside lining of my eyelid now see how your letter gets smudged like that I use blue the crystal waters from covergirl I use this pen using blue to smudge in my eyeliner just so it looks more natural okay now start in the outside corner because that's where most of the eyeshadow is going to be deposited and I rub it okay and you can see it gives it just a little bit of lift a little bit of depth in color if you don't have a smudger brush just use the brush that cover girl or whoever gives you and you want it to just go on top of the eyeliner and I can use my lighter shade to just blend that in cover it up make it a little lighter right there now for the under ah the rest of the bag we are going to use the CC eye cream color correcting full coverage cream and anti-aging hydrating serum with an SPF of 50 you know it's they say their tagline is your skin but better it's this amount and I again had this for probably a year and look you just want a little bit I have had to rebuy okay you just want a little bit and you can also find this on Amazon it is expensive I'm so sorry but it's worth it and this is when I'm use of the shape and I use my fingers on this I just have not perfected it and I go over here where I used my color correct under eye corrector – you are going to use those under your eyelids and you're going to bring it down here okay now and I'm working it all the way up here okay getting those inside down here okay look how much better that looks like can you see that it is covering up its lightening and brightening I've corrected and now I'm lining and using this serum that is going to be hydrating top of my hydration from my moisturizer that I used first off and the really great BB cream i usually use CC cream might use foundation that the difference between foundation and the CC cream and BB cream is it's going to be more coverage so if you have pimples that you're trying to cover up or just wrinkles imperfections you might want to use a foundation with that is not matte foundation you do not want it to be mapped because it's going to really sink in and show all those wrinkles okay and I just now put on my blush so after you put on this CC cream like it cosmetics which I've linked below for you you just put on your blush alright now this is what I use and I've been using this for 14 years from bareMinerals bronzer this is about how much you want in the bottom of your lid and you just swirl and tap can't go here bring it down because we hate those separated like oh she's got color on face and look at this white neck alright so we're making sure that we're not going to route that we're going to blend that together really good now this is what I use when I don't have when I'm in a hurry or don't want to spend the time on the little powder this is a powder and it will work fine and it also gives me some color under there and I'll just work it down and then I would finish it off of my head cosmetics sample bottle of mascara I have a little video of the academic approach to eyeshadow application and one of our tips in there is to just use a sample bottle like so many of the products that are found at Ulta and Sephora and Mac are so darn expensive well a great way to save money is to buy the sample portion because like this was $15 the main bottle is a lot more expensive but this my this was my second bottle it lasted me six months no joke six months and the sample bottle of an expensive mascara anyway I hope you got some tips for running out the door without a lot of baggage alright here's the finished look for covering up the under eye bags for mature skin aging skin while being content with the way we were made pop over again soon thanks for stopping by