The Secret To Beautiful, Healthy Eyes!

If you love watching glamrs videos and would like to be notified every time we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! Good food habits are the key to having a healthy body & mind because as we age, the lifestyle habits we form may weaken our eyesight So, to keep our eyes strong, here are a few things you need to add in your diet for a healthy eyesight

Even though the visual and the digestive systems are nowhere near each other, the food we eat has a direct impact on our eyesight as certain foods decrease the risk of vision problems Such as… The vitamins in fruits contribute to healthy blood vessels in the eyes that combat the development of cataracts and other age induced issues Eat citrus fruits on an empty stomach like papaya, strawberry, oranges and sweet lime as they contain Vitamin C that will help your eyes remain healthy

Good eyesight starts with the food on your plate So fill your plate with a salad of cucumber, carrot, tomato with every cooked meal as the enzymes help in digesting the food and ward off age-related vision problems Dates, figs, apricots, raisins are like repair agents that have vitamins and minerals, that improve eyesight and are good for the body and brain To correct any damage in the eye, all you have to do is eat a handful a day in the morning Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds contain Vitamin E that work together and build stronger tissue which are essential for a healthy eyesight

Eat a handful in the evening and protect yourself from serious eye conditions Regular juicing can improve your eyesight naturally warding off various disorders Consume these delicious juices on an empty stomach and enjoy a crystal clear eyesight 1-2 tomatoes with 1-2 oranges 1 Apple + 1 Beetroot + 1 Carrot 1 Cucumber + Kale + Spinach leaves + Lemon + Ginger All these foods contain lots of vitamin and minerals that are essential to preserve good eye health Make sure to stay away from milk and milk products, items cooked in white flour, fried foods and sweets as they are processed and form acid in the body depleting the body of oxygen ultimately creating havoc in our bodies

In my experience eye disorders can be cured only when an individual changes their nutrition These disorders result in loss of eyesight overtime but with a disciplined food plan, one can restore their eyesight beautifully Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs