Three Best Foundations for Women Over 40 (Full Review)

hey there thanks for visiting my LauriePOP channel ideas that pop today I am giving you a full review of three of the best drugstore brand foundations for women over 40 these foundations I can highly recommend all of them I'm going to tell you about how I tested each foundation for my skin being 46 I have Revlon and two Maybelline foundations I have tested and I'm going to review these foundations for women over 40 or women over 50 we are all kind of in the same boat with what we want to be delivered from a foundation we're not trying to look younger we love the skin we are in but we are trying to help have a more flawless finish like we used to have and there's nothing wrong with that we are learning it from each other and I have done the research and tested these three foundations for you so it's going to help you narrow down the choices when you do go to the drugstore stick around at the end to find a little tip that I can give you about contouring that is not using bronzer just a little tip for after you apply your foundation if you're new to my channel make sure you hit the subscribe button and leave me a comment below and introduce yourself let's pop into my video I have tested this Maybelline Dream cushion foundation for on-the-go ladies over 40 and I can tell you that this is possibly my favorite one it is considered a liquid foundation but it is compact it doesn't come in a glass a bottle like so many foundations do it also comes with this tool this little sponge that is that feels so soft against your skin what you do is you dab this into your little sponge of liquid foundation and it is liquid foundation watch you just tap it and there is some that it's going to show up on your sponge or your pad that you're going to use you can use your fingers I use the little pad and just like one of my favorite makeup youtubers Wayne Goss says with all foundations you need to press it into your skin after you're done spreading it around however you do it like if you use a bloop Beauty Blender those pink you're gonna be doing that anyway but a lot of people use their fingers as their number one tool for applying foundation and that is just fine but make sure that you press it in it really helps get that foundation down in all the little wrinkles and the lines that you have are on your face it also gets it on top of all of the flaws to help even out skin tones and to cover up those flaws it feels like I have on liquid tinted moisturizer but without feeling like I have SPF on my skin I love the finish of this one it seems very come it's not like a like a pressed liquid foundation it is definitely liquid like once you press it on you will be able to smooth it all down your neck and get it everywhere you need to get it like in the corner of your eyes and that kind of thing but I think this dream cushion gives you a natural glow and almost like almost like that is your skin tone color like you're not wearing any makeup at all I also feel like you can really build the color up on your face with this one and finish it off with the bye-bye pores pressed powder to just give it that baby's bottom or baby's peach fuzz look without seeing your peach fuzz if that makes sense now I have done a hand application test for each of these foundations I think you can see it more clearly when I use it on my hand then it does cover up it smooths out and it looks like an even tone to foundation on my skin I love the finish of this it is not oily it's not liquidy it feels like it's cream powder almost but it's not a powder finish it is definitely a liquid foundation I can highly recommend this foundation for women over 40 so this is how my skin looks before I review for you the maybelline instant age rewind eraser foundation for women over 40 this one you can see that there are sunspots from the sun damage and there are flaws that I can see especially since I'm used to my skin facial hair we don't want to go there yet so I don't take care of my facial hair I just rub it down all that stuff anyway so with instant age rewind I love this stuff first of all it is very cheap for a drugstore brand with high quality it does have goji berry collagen in it and it is a treatment foundation it says all the words that help us choose but anyway this one comes up recommended from Woman's Day lists for foundations over 50 and I'm 46 so I am near there so I thought I would try it a link that below for you I have tried this for about a month along with the other foundations and one thing I can say that as negative is that it took forever for me to get the sticker around here off so that I could take the lid off that was a bad negative part for me when you twist this foundation it's supposed to come up but it takes a while for it to finally use out like five or seven times and I did it like 10 times so there is a lot that came off the last time I used it and it's still there and it went down below and then another thing that might bother you is that the lid like it does the sponge does touch the very top so that might get lucky for you just a little thing anyway you put it on like you're going to a festival and y'all I think I could just swish this all over my skin it feels so so so good it's almost like it almost is a silky application not oily I don't have to put any pressure it glides very smoothly all around parts of my skin it feels like it's hydrating without being oily if that if that makes sense I like how easy it is to smooth in I feel like there's a smell to it and I'm very picky about sunscreen smell and foundations and any kind of perfume smell in certain foundations but I'm very happy to say that this instant rewind foundation by Maybelline does not give me a headache it doesn't make my eyes water after I've worn it for a while I love the application I also love that it gives me full coverage I think especially in the summer it feels a very high quality to me I am usually a Mary Kay foundation girl I've been using their skin care and their foundation and some of their makeup for 20-25 years in this foundation by Maybelline is a close second it doesn't come honest it doesn't feel thick in the application that makes sense all right so you can see there's a dewy finish to it there's a glow to my face does it make me look younger probably not does it erase all the sun damage probably not most definitely not but it fills in the gaps it fills in those wrinkles so I can highly recommend this foundation by Maybelline the instant age rewind eraser because I do feel like it does what women over 40 need it to do it evens out our skin tone it perfects those blemishes that we see and makes them kind of even out with the rest of our skin in order to review the maybelline instant age 31 I've also put this one on my hand and you can see that I already have a scab forming and on my wrist and when I put this instant age rewind foundation on it does cover it up make sure that you can color match this with your skin tone and with your body's needs I have done the research for you so it'll help you narrow down your choices when you're trying to find a foundation for skin over 40 I can highly recommend this one as one of the least expensive ones that give the powerful punch and fill our needs as we age this next foundation is fantastic the smell reminds me of my grandmother I don't know so it just brings you back to those little moments with your grandmother in her bathroom playing with her makeup kind of thing now that we're old enough to be grandmother's but anyway love the smell it just takes me back this one is called the Revlon age defying 3 Foundation and it is great for giving you a tri shield I'm wearing bare buff and I think this is more for my winter tone and I wish I would have taken it back because I'm not gonna use it again until the winter but let me tell you it is very liquidy it feels very watery but it does not go on my skin as watery to me it goes on with a full coverage application there is nothing left that it does not cover if you put it in the right place it is going to cover it seal it and keep it like that for hours I do think it is a thicker liquid than the other two foundations I've used it will give you a fuller coverage if you really need that and I thought at the beginning that it was gonna really look caked on because so much of the liquid foundation comes out with just one pump but I think it is adequate enough for all skin tones without leaving you feeling like you have a ton of foundation on and you don't look like you do either so it it defies your age like it says by covering up filling in and then giving you quite a bit of a glow but it could be because it's a lighter tone on me I don't know a little glow and foundation always can help while I was testing out this Revlon age defying 3x foundation I noticed on my hand that it really covers it it is not going anywhere you can see that I had too much foundation on my hand and so I try to wipe it off well it's not going anywhere I mean there was a lot left on my fingers when I used it on the hand but anyway you can see that it covers up these thick blue veins that appear in my hands sometimes but oh they just look sickly they're so blue and big but anyway it does a great job of like I said being a full coverage foundation even on my hands thank you for those of you who stuck around to the end see my little trick of contouring instead of using my bronzer to contour I'm not a contouring person but I do like using bronzer around my face my neck like especially in the winter to give me kind of a warmth to my skintone but my trick is I use an angled brush and you can get those anywhere and I use a burgundy eyeshadow and I just swipe it tap it off and I go right underneath my cheekbones see how natural that looks it gives it a depth it gives it the right shadows in the right places that I want shadows shadows to be in and I don't think I need to I can get away with no blush since it's summer I just think this is a super easy tip to give you depth and the shadows in the right place so that the eyes go up to your eyes because your eyes are where the personality comes out and the love comes out in your eyes so you could say eyes up people my eyes are up here right anyway that's my super easy tip you are now educated you can make a more informed choice for the foundation for your skin over 40 or over 50 because I have narrowed down your search I've helped you up tested I reviewed these three foundations from a drugstore Amazon and now you have to try them out let me know down below what works what which one you do not like at all which one you absolutely love and please let me know if there's one that I really need to check out I appreciate your time and thanks for popping over