Tips & Tricks: Makeup and Dermaflage to hide scars

hi I'm Megan and i'm going to be showing you today how to use your makeup with Dermaflage I have my Dermaflage kit right here and i also have all of my makeup set up i'm going to show you how you would use it if you were using a mineral based powder foundation and then also if you were just going to use liquid foundation we get a lot of questions about how to use it with liquid foundation if you can if you can't and we typically recommend that you don't use it with liquid foundation but there is a way that you can do it it's a little tricky but it will still allow you to use your liquid foundation as you would in your regular makeup routine so I'm going to start out by making sure I have a clean face do not have any sort of like moisturizers or anything in the area of your scar just to make sure that it doesn't mess up the adhesion for the silicone I'm going to take my color which is golden fair and I have my applicator right here and i'm going to be using no mixing tips I'm just going to self mix it on the lid of my texture pad case and I'm going to use this longer mixing stick that comes in the tools package I'm going to take this out I'm going to take off the top of the applicator and then I'm going to put it on the top of the texture pad case i'm going to express it out just a tiny amount because my scar is not very big so that's all that I'm using if you can see that so I'm going to mix the two together the clear and the colored I'm going to give it about seven swirls and then I'm going to take I'm going to use this little mirror down here okay I've put the Dermaflage in my scar and I'm going to take my finger not touching the middle but kind of blend out and then I'm going to place my texture pad on top and I'm going to press firmly around the area making sure that the pressure is pretty equal and I'm going to hold it for about 30 seconds to a minute depending on if it decides to set faster today or if it takes its time so I'm going to check the top of my dish that little mixture i mixed together there and I'm going to tap it with the stick to know whenever it is set on the lid I will know it's also set underneath as well so it feels like it's pretty firm in the dish so I'm going to peek under the texture pad and see if it is finished curing and it is okay so now we're going to get on to the makeup portion of this video this is the point where if you were just going to use a mineral based foundation so anything that is a like mineral powder foundation you could go ahead and do that right now so let me find my makeup brush and if I were just using my mineral powder as my foundation which i'm not going to do for my complete look but i'm just showing you how you would do it if you did that you could just go ahead and put a light dusting over the top of it and then go ahead and do the rest of your face and a lot of misconceptions about mineral powder foundation is that it doesn't provide enough coverage but actually you might be surprised how much coverage that it does provide mineral-based foundations are actually made to provide just as good of coverage as liquid foundation so you may be surprised if you're kind of reluctant to try it you may just want to try it and see so now what I'm going to do is show you how if you were using just a regular liquid foundation how you would kind of make it to where it would work with the Dermaflage so I've got my just plain bobbi brown liquid foundation here and i use a just a powder brush i guess to put it on you could use a foundation brush whatever brush you feel like using and you may also want to use a smaller brush than this but this is just kind of what has worked for me so I'm going to just give it about three pumps and go ahead and do the rest of my face now remember i have the Dermaflage right up here so this is how I would put it on my skin normally so i'm going to go ahead and do the areas down here and kind of the other side of my forehead okay and then i'm going to kind of go around here so what i have done is completely left out this area where the Dermaflage is now this is where you're going to get kind of precise with your application of your liquid foundation if you have a smaller like a foundation brush this might be the time to pull it out so I've got this other brush that's a little bit more angled and flat than this poofy brush that I use to put on my foundation so with this excess foundation that I still have on my hand back of my hand I'm going to grab it with this brush and if you want to put more for a little more coverage you can so got it on the edge of this brush and this is where you're going to want to get pretty precise with the liquid foundation and kind of just take it right up to the area around the Dermaflage but do not touch the area with the Dermaflage so you can see I've left the area with the Dermaflage right there and I've kind of gone around it with the brush I'm just going to kind of blend it in being very careful not to touch that little area with the Dermaflage all right now you're going to get even closer with your finger and kind of blend around it okay then I'm just going to take some setting powder this is mineral-based it is actually a loose powder that's mineral-based so I'm going to take about that much on the end of the brush and I'm going to give it a swipe across the top a little light dusting across the Dermaflage area now you can see you can't tell where the Dermaflage is because I went up to the point of the Dermaflage with the liquid foundation but I made sure not to touch it if you do have a larger area like an area maybe like that big that you would need to do that you could kind of still work up to the points around it with that liquid foundation just making sure not to go over the top then take your loose mineral powder or whatever and then just do a light dusting over the top I hope this has been helpful for some of you all that maybe had questions with how to use makeup with Dermaflage I know it can get frustrating and confusing so we as women always need to wear makeup or we feel like we do so hopefully this helped you all thank you