Top 10 Makeup & Beauty Mistakes & Tips/Mature over 50s Women

Hi everyone! As a former 80s model I'm 62 years old now I was watching a lot of mature women making a few mistakes with her makeup so I thought why not do a YouTube channel, do some videos and teach you what I think are the 10 biggest mistakes? And by the way some of you are already subscribing and thank you so much! You know it really eggs me on to make more of these videos But let's start with these 10 mistakes here we go! The number one mistake that I see a lot of women doing these days, some young people who are doing it as well, but especially for mature women, way too much of this lovely sparkly highlighter, I mean as soon as we saw it us older women or mature women we thought oh that's the Fountain of Youth I'm going to shine and I'm going to look younger, but you know what happens we put this on and it actually accentuates our wrinkles and it really, it doesn't look natural at all, it starts to look really, really shiny

I think I'll put a little on my nose no! I'll put it here, oh look at that, but they're also putting way too much in the center of the eye and that's just one of the things that I've noticed and you can see sparkle city here and believe me it starts to accentuate your wrinkles and just a more natural look over on this side Now I'm not saying we can't sparkle a lot of things up a little bit, maybe a little bit of highlighter here, looks very natural not accentuating any wrinkles and I also like to put with a little, little brush, not a big brush, a little bit of sparkle in between my eyes and that's about it Number two is the actual disappearing cat eye look

Watch this, this is you know, we go out of me buy these special felt tip, not felt tip markers , but felt tip eyeliner and we're just all crazy about that cat eye that those younger people are doing, but I've got hooded eyes, you probably do too I've got mature kind of droopy eyes what? What?, this is going to amaze you, watch this, so don't spend the money on this if this is you Putting on the cat eyeliner, oh it's going on so perfect this is gonna be the perfect eyeliner, there's my big cat eye they're gonna go like that and you're looking at you going , Heather that looks fabulous what are you talking about ? Well where'd it go ?It disappears because we have droopy eyes and I also think now this eye makes me look older than this side So I think I've got an idea especially if you have droopy or hooded eyes, just to sort of go on the liner like this a little bit in the corners and just kind of smudge it upwards Can you see? That's I think a much more natural look and I don't know, it works for me All right so Number three is that dark lip liner, where did this even come from? like I've never thought It looked pretty on anybody but let me just show you

I don't have any lipstick on right now and I'm going to show you You know you've seen everybody, well not everybody but you've seen a lot of women doing this and after your first beverage that lipstick that you put in the middle is gone and you're left with the dark lip liner Here we go and they also a lot of times over emphasize their lips too, so all right I'm just gonna put a little bit of lipstick on After a couple cups of coffee this is going to be just about brown lip liner No not pretty So I like this natural lipstick look a lot better You can choose whatever color you want if you want a peach if you want pinks whatever color that works for you

Now as you can see it's very natural and I'm using a lipstick but the the liner is almost the same color as the lipstick now how about this kind of glossy shiny, well I just put that kind of in the middle just to give a little bit of a sparkle but I don't overdo it What perfect timing, it's raining now, and this is great because I'm going to show you about over bronzing, you know when we have those summers that there's hardly any sunshine we're not supposed to get too much sunshine, remember your sunscreen everybody, but ah we're looking atoh I want to look like I have a glow and you know all those people that went away I want to look like them so we buy this bronzer and some women they're just overdoing it

Look at how much powder is in this thing so they're going, well you know what I'll also put some bronzer on me I'll shake that all over my body and let's just see how this looks Okay, Cough, cough, so powdery, it's crazy Under our eyes all over the place on our foreheads, oh wow look we, wait under here so I got to put some down here and down with the girls you know, and all that sort of thing and like I'm just feeling my skin just dry up right now and it may look, it may look like you have bronzing and that you have a nice color and everything but just let's go in a little closer here it totally looks like makeup and believe me a lot of people are going to tell Where's your natural skin? Where's your glow? It's just all covered up, now better you have a natural glow and hey I need a bronzer I've got really white legs and so I'll use a little bit of bronzer and I sort of wipe it down with a paper towel and and give myself a nice healthy glow and that's what we're talking about, we're talking about a nice healthy glow not a really painted on bronze look

So you glow girl Number five is overdone brows, I know, I know we watch all these videos of these younger people and they're filling in their brows and you know, I've got sparse brows so I mean it's kind of a groucho look for some of us Let's just see what they're doing, what they're doing is they're actually, if we can get a close-up of this, you'll probably see they're actually putting a little bit of a square here and they're using it kind of ,and again it might look great for younger people I just don't think it's working for us mature women So you be the judge Some women are even shaving their eyebrows off and doing this as a line but this is, it's really, really not for me I'm going to fill it in with a little bit of powder here, there it even goes a little bit bigger than that you know you've all seen it right and dark, dark let me just do a little before-and-after here I like natural, hmm so for me personally I like a natural look in a brow and as you can see these are very natural and I've got sparse thinning brows I mean there's a spot that I don't even have any brow so I've actually done a video for you guys where I showed the pencil and even a wax to make brows look better, especially for us mature , over 50 women So Number six is using these blues and greens and ughh, really it's it's a throwback to the 1960s again and not only that but people who are using it I kind of find are just using way way too much and I'm going to show you here on this side I mean it's pretty I mean there's no question that it's very pretty but for us, older women people are going to think that we never changed our makeup , and you know so as you can see it's just so overdone and I'm just going to separate the two looks right here, so you can see sparkle city over here and this is also more natural and hey if you have hooded or droopy eyes and you want to get an idea of this kind of look for your eye makeup I have done a video for you so yeah take a look So you know when I bought this blue eye shadow it was just for the don't look but for some reason when I walked out of the store I just tried this, watch this I put a little dab here on top of my eyes and a little dab here on the top of my eyes really, really, really subtle as you can see it's really subtle and it just made my blue eyes sparkle and probably for green eyes as well so who'da thunk it ? Alright so Number seven is over contouring This one actually scares me when I see videos of women putting on the contouring before their foundation what I'm seeing is I know because when I was modeling and even now when I'm modeling if you have a little bit of a red undertone you're supposed to use a green so I'm seeing women putting green down their nose and then they're, you know, they're just kind of blending it in a little bit and then they're going underneath the eyes and they're going like opposite of raccoon eyes, they're doing sort of this

I know this might be concealing but it also is contouring the face so you'd have the light in the dark but so I'm going to blend this in and I'm going to do the contouring under here and it's wild, like what I've been seeing is just absolutely wild and so they're using like a brown for contouring and make sure you get it right in there and and go right down, you know and blah blah blah and of course we've got to go underneath the chin and we have to go here oh and don't forget between the girls, oh yeah we got It's contour city it's just too much and even if I'm going to put on my makeup, just a second oh here we go this is very thick powder foundation am I going to put that over top of all this contouring and I literally have to lather it on so much under my eyes okay, now look at the wrinkles coming this side compared to this side and I'm just going to have to really lather it on to me it's it's over contouring and it's, it's all the rage right now I mean you see it everywhere and you can buy a hundred products for it but in my estimation I'd rather be kind of more natural now than way to, and it's, it's like a pancake makeup now So it's better to use two brushes, I've got a nice pink here but maybe you'd like a peach or another colors the natural color and then I use another brush for the contouring and I only go about here

I don't go right down to the mouth, just a little bit of contouring like that Pretty, I think it's natural I think it's pretty So the Number eight faux pas I see a lot of women still using that 1960 kind of lipstick, you know the kind that, I mean that's super glossy almost pale in color and you know the big look, kind of look Myself I like to go for a more natural look after all what people want to see is your big bright smile not shiny lips coming at them and I'm going to show you what I mean about these throwback to the 1960s So I took all my makeup ,my makeup, my lipstick off and I'm going to show you what I mean by this over gloss look and throwback to the 60s

here we go I'm not using a lip liner because it's almost acts as a lip liner , alright so as you can see these lips are coming at you they also make my lips look a little bit more wrinkled than before even in the this kind of state so you know we don't want them just to see our lips as we're walking along So I like this lipstick look a lot better, you can choose whatever color you want if you want a peach if you want pinks whatever color that works for you Now a lot of us learned our makeup tricks from our Moms, God bless our mums but using the powder and powdering your face all day long it's just not thing to do, a lot of us women well I used to, I don't anymore take our little makeup compact and think, oh I'm going to run to the washroom and I'm going to take care of this and I'm going to take care of that and I'm going to take care of, you know we're taking all our blush off girls this isn't working and not only that but the more that you put this on the more you're emphasizing ,see these wrinkles here the more I put this on and the more I put it on here the wrinkles are getting worse I'm looking paler oh and I don't even want to try to go underneath my eyes because you're gonna see a hundred, I'm not even gonna do it so this makeup in our compacts or in our purses we lather it on all day long so we don't look shiny you know, what we're starting, here I'll show you, we start to look older, so see the difference here and see the nice natural look over here and I'll show you my little trick to how I make this still look natural

So we're in the new millennium ladies and putting on all that powder like Mom used to do it's just not the way to do it, anyway I found this fabulous anti shine and you know I've got a little bit on my nose there, got a little bit down here,upper lip it's just fabulous so they've got this at drugstores or makeup counters so just ask for an anti shine cream and you're not just lathering on a ton of powder and making those wrinkles look worse So Number ten is an overdone smoky eye, now I have a smoky eye on right now and I'll show you more about it in a minute a lot of women what they do is they think smoky eye means this black eye shadow and you know what it might look great on some people but if you're fair like me or mature woman and you put it on wrong it's going to look absolutely, absolutely scary Watch, watch what happens here So here I am oh my gosh I got this great black, just gonna put this in her,e I'm gonna bring it out so when I have a cat eye, I'll go right in here and I want to put this underneath because I want to be super glam so even if we're smudging and blending and everything I'm gonna tell you after a couple of hours at a party this is going to look it's going to start to crease it's going to look like black lines all over the place and even at the beginning of the party what do you want to do it you want to sort of say Hello I'm at a party or would you like to go Hello I'm at a party

You know it's just, they're gonna be looking at your makeup It's it's just ugh Now I'm all for a glammed up look and I have done a smokey eye on this and I've been using a lot of, there's all different colors on palettes these days I chose a purple look for me today but I could have very easily used a brown, I could have put a nice little highlighter in the middle and yeah just do a little bit, look a little bit like that, but I think it's it's glamorous but not scary So I really hope you enjoyed this video and I'm still modeling so I'm learning from makeup artists and I'm still going to the drugstore and the make-up counters and learning more tips, techniques so I really want to share with you so please subscribe and it will encourage me to keep making these videos for you, which I actually love to do and in the meantime I got my little Yorkie here and he's been patiently waiting to go for a walk so Hurricane shall we go for a walk? Would you like to go for a walk? Yeah I think he does so, I will see you later Everyone's invited to subscribe and join us on our videos

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