About the lower lashline because this is one of my all-time Favorite tips Hey guys, welcome back

Thanks so much for stopping by today It's gonna be another video in my top 5 series That's 10 5 top 5 series today I'm going to show you my top five tips for hooded eyes So in other words top 5 mistakes that people with hooded eyes make to make your eyes look Smaller and more hooded I myself have hooded eyes So I'm going to show you guys all of this these top 5 little Mistakes tips, whatever you want to call it if you want to see this video she keep on watching If you haven't already done so please don't forget to subscribe to my channel If you like these types of videos Definitely the like button if you like my top 5 series and of course leave a comment in the comment section below letting me know what kind of top five you want to see next and Hit the notification mill So how you know if you have hooded eyes is if when you're looking straight ahead Your eyelid disappears for the most part

It might not disappear completely Some people's disappear completely other people's just disappear mostly like I don't have completely hooded eyes So when I open my eye and look straight ahead you can see a small Portion of my lid, but I do use a lot of tips Because my eye is more on the hooded side I don't have a lot of like lid space real estate So there are certain things you can do that me to make your eyes look just bigger and wider and awake Instead of closed off and I just find that that makes you look more tired So I'll show them into the first common mistake that people with hooded eyes make and We are gonna start with the waterline so I'm gonna do one side with Things that I like to do for my hooded eyes and one side With things that I don't like to do that I feel like emphasize my hooded eyes So the first thing is the waterline so to open up and make my eye look bigger I like to use a cream colored waterline a cream colored I Like to use a cream colored eyeliner on the waterline So this one is just by Mac I use this one all the time And basically it just helps to open up the eye especially if you Then create some shadow along the lower lash line with an eye shadow So for the don't side if I can find it, I'm gonna line my waterline with a black Pencil this one is by NARS

It's just like a little sample size It's in the color via veneto Biel Veneto, so I'm going to line my waterline with this Okay, and as you can see right away it makes my eye look Smaller, it shrinks it which can be a really really awesome tip If you have very large eyes and you're trying to make them look more Squinty and sultry I love a little black liner on the waterline But if you are trying to make your eyes look bigger black on the waterline is going to shrimp your eye space Okay, so tip number two has to do with eye shadow now a common mistake people make when they have hooded eyes is they put a dark shadow all over their mobile lid and They don't balance it out with a lot of shading and contouring through the crease So I'm going to show you what I am talking about Let me just find a shader brush So I'm going in with my ace Beauty quo I'm going into my ace Beauty quintessential palette I recently ordered their four new palettes So I am very excited to review those for you

I'm also going to be giving away one of them So stay tuned for that I'm going to take neroli which is a black matte black shade and Just tap off the excess and I'm going to essentially pack that all over the lid So obviously that shadow is not blended out at all but as you can see Black sucks in the light white reflects the light So whenever you put a dark shadow on your lid it is going to suck in the light and it's going to make that area Look smaller it's the same concept as highlighting and contouring anything you make darker is going to sink away from the eye and Anything you make lighter is going to bring attention to that space So this is like killing me to not bilenda this Most black shadows you do have in order to get a completely matte Opaque cover you do typically have to go in with a few layers This one is pretty good But if you are wearing a matte shade just on its own Um You can put down a cream base and that can help them at The black be more opaque just a little tip there So I'm just gonna go in and add a tiny bit more Okay So there's the black on the lid Now what I like to do for my hooded eyes is I like to concentrate any sort of shading color So I'm just taking nutmeg and cinnamon from the palette I like to concentrate them up Above the natural crease that is the key

You want to keep it above the natural crease and That is really what's going to open your eye and create a lot of really nice lid space For you to work with so I'm just taking those colors and you can find it kind of find where your bone juts out and just start gently applying the shadows into that space and If you look straight on you can see that that immediately opens up that little area on my lid for shadow Whereas this my lid is sinking back on the side It's coming forward So you just want to kind of apply those shadows Bring them down into the crease but concentrate The color above the natural crease and just kind of continue building that to your liking but that is where the placement should be Treyton, I also find the taking the shadow outward a little bit kind of like Winging it out ever so slightly is a trick I like to use to make my eyes look a larger keep the majority of this matte transition shade off of your mobile lid So as you can see, my almost my entire lid has no shadow on it all of the transition shade is in this tiny corner over here and above and That's really what opens up your eye, okay? I feel like I could spend all day trying to build up that color to perfection, but I'm going to move on so Along with this concept you really want to make use of your shimmers This side is not only dark but it's completely matte shimmer shades Attract the light and they reflect the light so they give the illusion of a larger space Think about a highlighter on your cheekbones when you apply highlighter to your cheekbones They catch the light and they catch people's eye and they make them appear more prominent So I'm just going to take a shader brush by Mac and just any one of these shimmery colors Try to stick to a lighter shimmery color if you can that's going to enhance your lid space even more so I'm gonna take jasmine which is like a gorgeous kind of champagne highlighter color and I'm just going to pack that all in that Open lid space that we left So we left all of that space open for this purpose and see how I'm bringing it Essentially to the corner because we didn't really put that much shadow there And I'm bringing it right up into the crease heat is dry as well you really don't even you have to use that shade wet, so I'm just gonna tidy up the outer corner a little bit because the shadow always the sparkly shadow always tends to just muddy up your Darker colors a bit So I'm just gonna clean that up real quick So as I'm looking at you you can see right now how kind of different my eyes Look, there are two very different looks on one eye look wide awake and open and young and the other one I feel like it's just aging and Frankly kind of depressing now that there's anything wrong with a black shadow all over your lid if you're going for this type of look For it can go for it Enjoy it Love it live your best life

But if you're looking for bigger looking eyes Go with this one Okay, so We are going to move on to eyeliner This is probably hands-down the biggest mistake that I see people with hooded eyes make and your eyeliner when you're using a liquid eyeliner, it has to be very Carefully done when you have hooded eyes I Make my liner so so thin it's almost undetectable on The lash line if you have large eyes With a lot of lid space you can get away with a beautiful thick Dramatic wing if you have hooded eyes and you're trying to make your eyes appear large, right? You want to keep this wing extremely thin so I'm going to do Kind of what I wouldn't recommend on this eye and that is create a very large wing Um and I'm going to show you what happens when you do this So what I'm doing It's really hard actually to see against the black and I'm getting a bunch of transfer up here because I keep opening my eye but I am creating a very thick Wing I'm bringing it almost all the way up to my crease Not only does this cause transfer but it really closes off your eye And I'm going to make a very thick wing Okay, hoping that doesn't transfer more so I did a very thick wing there is nothing wrong with a thick wing But it completely closes off my eyes so when I look at you my lid space just shrinks down to nothing and it just Makes your eye appear more hooded how I do my winged liner is I do it very very thin right along the lash line By doing it thin like this, it defines the lashline without taking up valuable eyelid real estate So I actually screwed up a little I have a little bit of a bulge So this is actually a little bit thicker than I wanted it, but we're just going to ignore that This I do not like this eyeliner very much I don't even know why I picked it up it's the L'Oreal infallible the super slim it's not super slim

It's thick But all right, so I'm going to create another wing And I'm just going to make it a bit thinner so when I like to make my wing thinner, I like to start kind of at the middle and draw in from there the middle of the wing And then from there I can fill it in ever so slightly Now if you are not that great at winged liner or you're just learning it don't do your foundation base first Do your winged liner first and then you can just clean up your mistakes with a makeup wipe super easy So then you just want to make sure it fades in So it is so ultra thin at the inner corner of my eye that you can barely even see the black liner But it's a bit thicker out here So our wing looks normal, and it's not just like like I Used to do my wing like this Right here just one little it's not folks Anyways, I just used to do like a now I understand how to do one but You don't want to just just be one solitary line you want it to be like an actual solid thing Okay, so not the best thing I've ever done in my life but it's okay All right, so all right So even with that wing I find winged liner in and of itself a bit shrinking to the eye area Sometimes I that's why I really haven't been doing it a whole lot I haven't been putting any black liner on my lash line at all because I do feel like it closes up my eye a little bit so you can certainly Skip this step but I did want to show you winged liner kind of the right way for hooded eyes in the wrong way Not that there's any right and wrong way with makeup Trust me I Know judgment whatsoever

But you get the picture So as you can see, here's where we are and the eyes are looking very different So I'm just gonna quickly finish off the lower lash line Okay, I changed my mind I want to show you guys something real quick about the lower lash line because this is one of my all-time Favorite tips So what I'm going to do is take a All my better side nd only mr Drinking Try to get off some of that bright pink shadow Alright, so I'm gonna take a bit of the jasmine color That's the same color We used on the lid and I'm going to put it about 3/4 of the way along the lower lash line Actually, I'm going to connect it right to the inner tear-duct Okay, so once that area is sufficiently coated I'm going to take a cool-toned Round if you have one, I don't seem to have one in front of me So I'm just going to take a nutmeg which is a warm light brown And like a tiny tiny bit of cinnamon and what I'm going to do is essentially trace my eye bag So I'm going to emphasize my under-eye bag You want to do this gently because you don't want it to be super obvious you want it to just look like a shadow This is one of my favorite trip tricks for making my eye look larger Basically, you are emphasizing your eye bag and you're highlighting the eye bag and it just gives a youthful kind of like Cartoonish almost look and I just absolutely love this trick so you can make it as dramatic or as subtle as you want This is obviously a little bit on the subtle side, but you get the picture So I just wanted to show you that real quick Because that is something I prefer for the lower lash line when I'm trying to make my eyes look larger All right, so we are going to talk about highlighter real quick So our fourth step has to do with highlighter and brightening the eye area on this side

I'm not going to apply any Highlighting colors at all We're just gonna leave it as is matte and sad But on the good eye I'm going to take that jasmine shade again now Ideally you would have another slightly contrasting color So you know what? maybe I'm going to mix a tiny bit of bergamot in there just to warm it up a slight amount and I'm gonna stick that right Into the tear duct area Not going to be shy about it And bring it right up against the bridge of the nose If you want to make this even more intense you can certainly wet the brush Okay, so I've highlighted the tear duct as you can see it just already opens up the eye it makes it look so much more awake and alive I'm going to take the same brush in just a dash of Jasmine like the tiniest bit And I'm gonna hit the very arch of the brow I don't want to bring it down too much because I don't want it to interfere with our crease shades I'm just literally going to emphasize that area the slightest amount now what this does is it again increases the look of your lid space so From your lash line to right underneath your brow You want it to look as big as possible and by highlighting directly under the arch, it increases the look of that space so over here Although this area is slightly highlighted because I put a cream Concealer under there just to carve out my brows a little bit There is no actual highlighting going on So it's not bringing that extra attention to underneath the brow and it's not making that space look any Bigger Okay, so the very last step has to do with lashes This is so important and this honestly took me a really long time to learn I'm not really sure why I think I just wanted to think that I could wear really dramatic lashes and get away with it But They just aren't the best match for me in all honesty So basically if you have hooded eyes you want to go for a lash that's not going to overwhelm your eyelid if the lashes are too long or too thick they're gonna Completely cover all that hard work that you just did on your eyelid and it's going to close up your eye like you would not believe so for the Hooded eye I'm going to take my house of lashes

Syren lash Um I bought like several pairs of these lashes because I thought They were fantastic and they are they're just too long for me so I'm going to show you guys what it looks like when I have this on and how much it closes up my eye if I could find a pair of tweezers Okay so obviously we have to let that lash glue dry on like the queen of putting on lashes terribly and Not letting the glue dry, but you can just see right away, like look at that lash I mean it takes up I can actually feel it up here on my under my brow bone It takes up my whole entire eye it is a beautiful lash I love the pieced out pop like parts I feel like it's very 60s It's just way too big for me So if you have hooded eyes, please please keep this in mind when you're ordering lashes I know house of lashes does like a mini style now, that's Probably totally designed for this reason I need to pick up some of those but this lash is way too big for me as you can see so that is Definitely a mistake a lot of people make so for the other side I'm just gonna grab a natural pair of lashes These are by Ardell they're just the wispies the natural whispies And There's really nothing special about them they're just very very light They don't have a thick lash band

They're not super long and They just work for me so I'm gonna apply these my lash glue is like clogged and I'm squeezing it So freaking hard I feel like it's just gonna explode Any minute now? Okay, so obviously that glue also has to dry and I have to conceal the lash band with some eyeliner But look at this look at the difference This is just a beautifully enhanced eye This I is like, where'd you go? Where'd you go lid? Where have you gone to please send a postcard? So well this lasts well days losses while these lashes are drying we're gonna apply it some lower lash

Mascara I'm only going to apply lower lash mascara to the good eye because the bad eye I do feel like lower lash mascara tends to make the eye appear a little larger So if you are not applying lower lash mascara, you are closing your eye up even more in my opinion But I am gonna apply a little bit to the good I feel like it further kind of defines that lower lash line and just helps to bring everything together and to sort of close the circle of the eye if you leave the bottom to open end it or to light there's nothing contrasting it and it can actually Defeat the purpose of all those steps you took because your eye isn't gonna actually look larger because there's no shading Does that make sense? So I definitely like to apply lower lash mascara? I think it helps my eye Look more wide awake not gonna apply lower lash mascara to the bad side All right How are these doing here? Let's touch them up a bit Okay, cool Good enough

So this is the final result guys Okay guys, so that completes the video I'm looking absolutely crazy right now I really hope you liked this concept If you liked my top 5 at video series, please please leave a thumbs up on this video So I know I'm also kind of in like an idea rut lately So I'm be so appreciative if you guys left some ideas below that you want to see from this top 5 series Um Yeah, don't forget to subscribe check out my community tab Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video Bye