Use These TRICKS To Apply Perfect Wing Eyeliners on BOTH Eyes | Shruti Arjun Anand

O God!!! God Just help a little that I'll get even & equal eyeliner on both the eyes ohh what's this!!! this one look thin & this look thicker again try only last time finally got done with this I think this happened with you too???? whenever we try to apply perfect winged eyeliner sometimes this one gets slight bigger or sometimes this one get shorter up, down blahblah we tried so much to make this eyeliner even but guys do you know it takes only 10 seconds there's a lil trick for this if you'll follow this trick now its time to follow that amazing trick through which your both eyeliners look like mirror image keep your finger at the end point of your eyebrow and slightly stretch the eye apply concealer this way like you are extending the line of your lower lash line upwards now look straight if your both lines are same As we've applied concealer so its easy to remove it through a wet wipe this doesn't ruin your makeup so that you can reapply the concealer if you've different types of concealers, foundations, bb or cc creams now just to make sure that the length of our eyeliner are equal if your hands are shaky while applying eyeliner so keep your elbows at rest position on the table like this when you are applying the eyeliner now create a line following that mark now draw a line from centre of lids toward the outer & connect this with the wing apply the eyeliner to the remaining lash line you can make your liner thick or thin according to your liking you can see its easy to remove concealer in a bit So follow this trick whenever you apply the eyeliner next time