WANDER BEAUTY | Review | Cruelty Free/travel Makeup from Sephora

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel So I picked up several products from the line wander Beauty that is being sold at Sephora now and I tested them out and I wanted to give you some thoughts and A review on the products that I picked out so first of all let's start with the foundation full coverage for normal dry combination and oily skin and It's supposed to be a natural finish does have a bunch of really really good ingredients Which from a skincare Perspective was kind of exciting it actually has nice and amide in it which is vitamin b3 and it also has lotus extract foundation actually is one ounce and It comes in a squeezy tube that has a doe foot a large doe foot applicator Which I don't mind at all that doesn't bother me at all

I picked mine up in two colors I got it in light and light medium and the light is perfect for me It's a really really nice light neutral I would say running somewhere in the NC Mac NC 15 to 20 range for light the light to medium probably is more like an NC 23 ish and Definitely nice undertones the light medium runs a little bit more golden and I would say the light is a true neutral It's a very very nice shade I used my sukiyaki tsukada lotion, and I used my Sun forgettable from color science the face shield I did my normal I routinely eye cream and you know All of that stuff and I let everything set was really going on a genuinely clean canvas and I applied some just with the doe foot applicator and I went ahead and I pounced it in with my Sonia Kashuk sponge and immediately what I noticed was it emphasized every bit of texture on my face and I have it on right now and I think it looks much better on camera than it does in real life but first of all, I look semi gilded even like around my chin on my forehead on you know, the cheek the part the areas where the only thing that's there is the foundation you Can see all of my texture and frankly Texture is not one of my issues this foundation Looks like I should be really concerned With texture and like I've told you guys before I am normal to dry And typically I really appreciate a radiant finish But this almost looks in real life Tinman ish It's it's very strange foundation and I can feel it on my skin So the foundation is frankly a big mess for me I would definitely say if you are normal to combo or normal to oily then I would definitely stay away from this foundation I think that it would be a nightmare for you So, okay

Let's move on from the foundation The next product that we can talk about is the catch the light This is the highlighter and glow shine now comes in a squeezy tube and the end of edge You kinda have to hold on to it to twist that off so you don't twist it all off But you do get a highlighting stick and the highlighting stick Gives you kind of it reminds me a little bit of the it cosmetics They have a stick That's glowy Very very very subtle so when you put that back on you can actually open the entire tube and then there is a Liquid highlighter that it's very liquidy so you have to be very careful not to put too much out there and it's very champagne colored but what I want to tell you about this you guys is It gives you a very very subtle glow and if that's what you're interested in then this is a really really nice product But it is extremely subtle and I could see we're mixing the liquid in with a matte foundation might give it you know kind of a nice balance it might be really good for that and I know that that's one of the indications they say you can mix it with your foundation You can use it under you can use it over So this is not a bad product I just don't think it's a very necessary product I can't see and I don't the packaging while I know that it's supposed to be convenient for travel That's kind of their whole deal with wander It's about traveling and being able to easily pack things and Multi-use products that kind of do more for you and are you know less take up less space when you're traveling I appreciate that very very much The problem is when you go to take the lid off of this you open it and then you know So you kind of in order to get to that see and it's already? Messy in there and in order to get to the stick part, you have to hold just this little ring this part just right To unscrew that and I see even doing that I unscrewed this a little so I appreciate the intention of the packaging I do It's just a tiny bit

Ah, if you love this, that is awesome It just wasn't anything super special to me So there is that next product is the secret weapon Pencil now This is kind of a Flesh toned pencil and it's right here It's hard to see because it's flesh toned on purpose This product is nice The thing about it is for me

I would use this on my lower waterline I don't use anything anymore on my lower waterline Because I use these looma fie drops and not only do they take out all the red out of the my eyes But they seem to also correct the red in my lower waterline So I don't have that particular problem anymore that I would have used this pencil for I bought it anyway Because I thought oh, you know, I would use something like this for spot concealing maybe really inner corner You know that kind of stuff It just doesn't last you put it on and it seems to be gone pretty quickly after that like it just disappears out of off of your skin within I would say two hours and It's gone and you would need to touch up with it again for that I would like to have a little bit more longevity So another one that unfortunately wasn't the hit that I was hoping for now The last product that we're going to talk about is called lip setter and I got this one in Bahama Breeze That's the color it looks like this This one is a hit Thankfully, there's one hit now This one's a lip pencil and lets the shade It's the most perfect cool nude pink lip pencil and the other side is the most perfect Pinky cool nude color It's right here This is a huge hit you guys the formulation of the lipstick reminds me very much of the Charlotte Tilbury formulation, in fact the color and the formula remind me a lot of my k'kaw only cooler and darker pink and that's actually really good for a lot of people because I think K'kaw is pretty light for a lot of people though This this one is the k'kaw and you can see it's even lighter and kind of more of a peachy tone and then this is the Wonder and it's just slightly darker and slightly cooler and I think more wearable for a lot of people kind of a Creamy formulation that dries down to sort of a satin matte Creamy matte kind of creamy matte perfect for if you're gonna go out or if you're traveling certainly it's one thing all-in-one You've got your lipstick and your lip liner really really liked it

So this is definitely a big hit and I'm loving this I'm so those are the products that I picked up from wander If you guys like to some of those products, just let me know down below Tell me if there's a different way that I could be using it also Just let me know if there's anything else from the line that you've tried that you love because definitely The line is super intriguing I mean it is cruelty free I really do like what they stand for and what they're going for and just because the products didn't work for me Doesn't mean that they won't work for you But so far one out of four Why don't it for us what I've got I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you again very very soon