We Tried A 300-Year-Old Makeup Routine

We Tried A 300-Year-Old Makeup Routine

Vinegar, lead, and mouse fur, oh my!

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Portrait of Marie-Antoinette with the rose. Oil on canvas, Versailles. Dated 1783 and painted by Vigée-Le Brun.
Universal History Archive/Getty Images
Antique illustration of 18th century interior of Paris theatre
ilbusca/Getty Images
People in 19th century style dress
4×6/Getty Images
Antique illustration of bird wing
ilbusca/Getty Images
Antique illustration of 18th century French actress and tragedian Clairon
ilbusca/Getty Images
Hand drawn moon phases silhouettes
lamia-ell/Getty Images
Christmas and New Year star decoration made of glass for tree tip. Holiday hand drawn element. Vector.
tigerstrawberry/Getty Images
Antique illustration of French 18th century neoclassical living room
ilbusca/Getty Images
Vector hand drawn nuts set. Engraved collection
Epine_art/Getty Images
Greylag goose
benoitb/Getty Images
Antique illustration of store
ilbusca/Getty Images
Strips of masking tape
ferlistockphoto/Getty Images
Antique illustration of different 18th century hairstyles with French names
ilbusca/Getty Images
Antique illustration of 18th century Frenchchild getting dressed and combed
ilbusca/Getty Images
nicoolay/Getty Images
Marquise de Pompadour mistress of Louis XV portrait
Grafissimo/Getty Images
Hand drawn corkscrew and wine cork
dartlab/Getty Images
Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus)
ilbusca/Getty Images
Lady in hoop skirt, Rococo era, hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
ZU_09/Getty Images
Marie Antoinette
duncan1890/Getty Images
Set glass and bottle beer, whiskey, wine, gin, rum, tequila, champagne, cocktail
DenPotisev/Getty Images
Eighteenth century court ball
whitemay/Getty Images
Ievgeniia Lytvynovych/Getty Images
Antique illustration of 18th-19th century French barber shop
ilbusca/Getty Images
History of Fashion, 18th Century Costumes, Hats and Hairstyles
duncan1890/Getty Images
Typical costumes from Western Europe – Germany, France (XVIII century)
nicoolay/Getty Images
European costumes, 17th – 19th century, chromolithograph, published in 1897
ZU_09/Getty Images
Mary I Queen of Scotland
GeorgiosArt/Getty Images
Portrait of Elizabeth I
Photos.com/Getty Images
vintage paper with space for text or image
javarman3/Getty Images

Paper Crumples for effects – with matte
Redshift-Blueshift/Getty Images
Makeup artist painting on the model’s face
chudakov2/Getty Images
Stop motion Crinkled Paper background (loop ready)
Blooms-Studio/Getty Images

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