WEIRD Makeup HACKS – SMOKEY EYES Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners | Shruti Arjun Anand

have you seen this Aishwarya's new pic?? she did such a nice makeup thats Smokey eye you know how to do it what's in this just do like this with a kajal pencil and apply brown eyeshadow like this and done I've seen so many videos on that something always goes wrong whenever we are trying Smokey Eye look have this got happened with you too? we find it difficult to achieve that perfect Smokey eye and this smokey eyes look super duper hot and sexy mostly celebrities do this smokey eye look so today I am gonna share with you weird makeup hacks which help you a lot in creating those smokey eyes within 10 minutes If you like this video and my super sexy look so get this video to 30,000 LIKES so lets get started with the makeup now To create this look we need to use a lot of dark eyeshadows so there's chances of eyeshadow's fall out and I don't want this spoil my foundation so for this we gonna do eye makeup after that we'll do face makeup so first thing first we need to apply a concealer here I am using this is a high coverage concealer I gonna blend it with a damp beauty blender this makes our eyeshadows vibrant it also makes our eyeshadows long lasting concealer is a cream product & if you apply eyeshadow directly over it there might be chances of eyeshadow creasing so we need to set our eyes with a powder smokey eyes not gonna be only on eyelids it also be connect below to create the perfect shape to achieve that perfect shape you need to take care from starting that you are applying eyeshadow at right place so need to apply kajal first as you can see I am not only applying this kajal on water line but also bit a below too need to keep the kajal little thick then we smudge it with a pencil brush we do this to know that we need to apply eyeshadow upto this line so we'll easily connect the eyeshadows from down to up mostly people apply kajal on the lid and smudge it to create smokey eye which I am telling you a difficult task If you're a makeup artist you'll do it easily but if you're a beginner you'll find it difficult as its gonna be very difficult to smudge cream products so to avoid that we create smoke eye look following simple steps so first we create transition shade you can pick any light brown shade pick it on a big brush keep it on your crease are and try to bring it inward side and blend this way each thing is beautifully blended in a perfect smokey eye look In smokey eyes eyeshadow look goes from darker to lighter shade this is our second last colour & last colour should be our compact powder shade that means shade matches to our skin tone pick the compact powder on the same brush and blend this medium brown shade eyeshadow to upwards you can see the difference here this get blended well you can see the harsh edges here as this not blend well & thats not a professional look need to pick medium shade on a small blending brush try to pick 1 or 2 tone darker than the previous one then need to deposit it on our crease area so need to keep the brush like this at outer corner of your eyes then start blending it toward inside its so easy to blend this colour as we've already applied a light coloured eyeshadow layering makes eyeshadow blends well on this same brush pick 2 to 3 tone darker than the previous brown shade never touch the brush here you need to blend it here to make previous colour visible upside so need to blend it well here again using the same brush blend the upper edges well you can see how all the shades got perfectly blend now heres time to follow our most important trick if you apply black coloured eyeshadow or gel liner and if you try to blend it with this brown so if often happen that black get mess up and it gonna be difficult to blend it well so you need to do is mix the black shade and the one which we've taken earlier you need to tap it like this if we gonna to apply black colour here so it would be easier to blend it with upper brown shade now need to blend the black eyeshadow no need to take it more just need to swipe it with a brush once or twice now tap like this on your eye lids done with this black colour now wipe this brush with a clean paper so as to make sure no black eyeshadow there and also make it easy to blend well now need to blend this black and brown shade now pick black eyeshadow in a small brush no need to apply it where we've already applied black eyeshadow need to blend it here only now tap the left over product like this to blend it well again pick that darkest brown shade mix this black and brown shade well try to blend it slowly otherwise this black shade well get mess up as i told you earlier shades from both ie up and down should be connected in a round shape so we'll do an extra step in last keep this brown and darkest brown shade eyeshadow on your outer corner of the eye to give it a perfect round shape see here we've got a perfect round shape if you feel what kind of makeup you can do if you've small eyes so try out this makeup as this makes your eyes look round and bigger if you want you can stop your eye makeup here but I am applying inner corner highlight here to make my eyes look more wider & bigger cause of this highlighter this eye look slight bigger as compared to this so try out this at least once I've kept this mirror here so that I can see my eyes well set the eyelashes like this must try this trick once so now start our face makeup so first I am applying a matte finish primer blend it well on your face it makes your skin smooth now apply foundation with the help of a damp sponge as I don't like too much of coverage if you want you can make it full coverage we gonna apply two concealers today one of my regular shade that matches to my skin tone and the other one is bit lighter so as to highlight my under eye area now I am setting the concealer so need to take a loose powder for this apply it with a damp sponge and leave it for two minutes after that remove the excess powder with the help of a brush no need to take extra powder with a beauty sponge blend the left over powder all over the face contouring is must to complement our smokey eyes If you want you can do cream contouring but its too lengthy process I like to do powder contouring so with the help of a bronzer i am contouring my cheek bones, face and nose you've seen in most of my tutorials that I mostly use Europe girl blushes as I like them also they are perfect for Indian skin tone so here I am using the shade rose its a beautiful matte finish shade so try out this once if you want to buy only a single blush I am applying highlighter to my don't forget to apply highlighter on your cupid bow especially if you've thin lips as due to applying foundation lower lash line make up almost got fade so need to do slight touch up so first apply that brown eyeshadow on your lower lash line and then smudge black eyeshadow on your lower lash line as we've created a warm smokey eyes look so I am trying to balance out it with a cold tone neutral lipstick now need to use this makeup fixing spray this makes your makeup long lasting also it will give your skin a healthy glow so have you liked today's makeup tutorial? I've brought this makeup tutorial in a new way I am trying to make you learn step by step to this makeup and whenever you'll create that smokey eye makeup then you'll remember me and if so then don't forget to share this video with your friends and if you want to see behind the scenes of this makeup so follow me on Instagram