What Really Happens When You Shave Your Face

What Really Happens When You Shave Your Face

Shaving can be just as tedious as it is rewarding, but what really happens when you shave your face? Of course shaving that peach fuzz can make your skin smoother and leave you feeling more confident, but what do the doctors say about the benefits? Ladies face shaving is a thing, and women can shave their faces, it’s perfectly fine, however you might throw out those regular razors, as sharp blades can lead to some pretty nasty cuts.You can always use a professional who can povide a closer shave. Both doctors suggest using a women’s specific razor, sighting the differences in facial hair for both men and women. Even Dara Levy, the creator of DERMAFLASH explained the importance of a women’s specific brand.

Before you put that razor to your face, cleansing and exfoliating will dramatically reduce unwanted razor burn and ingrown hairs. Exfoliation will simply make skincare products work a little better. If you want your skin to stay healthier, wait at least an hour after shaving before applying any makeup; this will give you the most even and skin sensitive result.

If you want younger looking skin, shaving can prove to be harmful. The collagen and elastic fibers can be stretched when shaving, creating potentially more aged skin as a result. What is one of the best things you can do for your skin? Simply make sure to keep the skin exfoliated daily and even pursue alternative options, such as laser hair removal.


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