Why Under Eye Setting Powders Are Necessary For Mature Skin | mathias4makeup

Why Under Eye Setting Powders Are Necessary For Mature Skin | mathias4makeup

Let me share with you Why Under Eye Setting Powders Are Necessary For Mature Skin in this week’s video. Under Eye Concealer will Crease on mature skin UNLESS you use an Under Eye Setting Powder so it is extremely important and necessary for mature skin and women over 40! Every Women over a certain age starts to realize that applying foundation and concealer gets harder and more confusing as we age. In this video, I am sharing with you a sneak peek into my VIP Seminar with my client Jean who came all the way to Los Angeles just to book a full day of private makeup mentoring here in my studio. #concealertipsformatureskin #bestpowdersformatureskin #personalmakeuplesson #privatemakeuplesson
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Have you ever had the opportunity to be taught One-on-One with a Celebrity Makeup Artist from Hollywood who can teach you how to Perfect, Enhance, and even Transform your boring, stale routine?
Have you ever considered bringing in all the makeup that you have cultivated over the years and asking a beauty advisor to help you with learning how to use it all? Imagine bringing in a big bag of makeup, brushes, and colors that you have no idea how to use or why you even bought them in the first place and asking someone on the sales floor to educate you on your choices?
Guess what! It’s never going to happen because sales people are there to teach you ONLY about their specific brands and essentially there ONLY to sell you more product to meet their sales goals that day! Working with me online or in my studio during a personal makeup lesson is totally different and unique.
I can teach you one on one – privately in a personal makeup lesson in my studio or face to face streaming live over video chat from home. I’ve sat with dozens of women and helped them learn new tips and tricks specifically for their own face shape by streaming in real time!!!
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