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Winter makeup tutorial for blue eyes winter makeup tutorial for blue eyes Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day! today's video is a makeup tutorial on the makeup I'm wearing right now it's a winter makeup routine a light natural eye with a bold lip If you'd like to see how I got this makeup look then just keep watching! winter makeup tutorial for blue eyes & brown hair I'm going to go ahead & start with the Urban Decay B6 Complexion prep spray then for face primeer I'm going to use the Hangover Rx this stuff is really great I only use it in the winter but it is so hydrating I'm going to prime my under eyes with the Smashbox photo finish under eye primer then for the wrinkles on my forehead I'm going to use the No7 Instant Illusion Wrinkle FIller I haven't used this in a while I've been using the amazing cosmetics one this has pretty good filling properties also like the amazing cosmetics one does and this one is cheaper but the amazing cosmetics one does have anti aging properties for where I get oily which is right here & here I'm going to use the Becca ever matte poreless primer base It's not colored like the Dr Brandt or the porefessional you can feel it on your skin it's kind of weird it has a tight kind of feel I'm going to color correct my dark circles with the with the MAC conceal & correct duo using the peach side using the Japonesque 910 small concealer brush pretty sure this is the travel size it's the only size they sell at my Ulta I do put it on the inner corner also I'll also put a little bit right here not all over my eyelid I don't like to layer too much stuff on my eyelid it just gets cakey I'm using the Covergirl Outlast 3 in 1 foundation I used to love this stuff then I kind of forgot about it this is in the color 842 so I'm going to apply this with the beauty blender in the typical gashion I'm going to use the Sephora Bright Future gel serum concealer and this is in the color 06 Madeline I really like this concealer, it blends well & it has good medium coverage but I don't like the applicator no product comes out and the applicator is hard so you don't want to swipe it on your face it ends up really pulling your skin you have to go back in a bunch of times to get the amount of concealer that you want it really drives me nuts I'm going to use the concealer to highlight so I'll put it on my nose a little on my forehead cupids bow and I'll blend it all out with a beauty blender I like to do the smaller parts first lately then there's not a bunch of excess product on the beauty blender that ends up being a hot mess and putting more highlighter there than you wanted in the first place we're going to prime our eyelids with the concealer also I'll put the excess up on my eyelid and the corner of my eye also I'll set directly underneath my undereye where my dark circles are with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder & the and this Japonesque brush I'll run that on my eyelid also this is the Japonesque 915 for the rest of the triangle I'm going to use the yellow shade out of the out of the Marc Jacobs Powder This is the Marc Jacobs Mirage duo #40 I'll set the concealer with that also where ever I used it as highlighter then to set the rest of my face I'm going to use my Make Up For Ever High Definition powder I'll set the rest of my face with this this is the Sigma F30 large powder brush I love this powder brush I like to use tapping motions when I set the powder not rubbing motions or you'll rub your foundation all over the place so you just want to tap I'm going to more on to my eyebrows I'm going to comb them in the direction I want them to go then I will fill in the sparse parts per usual with the Anastasia brow Wiz in the color dark brown which for me is this top portion here and then I fill i the tail a little bit winter makeup tutorial women over 40 makeup tutorial women over 40 then you want to comb it through with a spooly gently, don't get crazy or you'll get pencil all over the place then I'll use the Loreal Brow Stylist plumper in the shade medium to dark I'm lucky I can still read the bottom so I'll put a little bit right here on the inner portion then I'll put it on the upper portion and the tail so I'll go ahead & bronze up the face I'm using the MAC refined golden bronzing powder & my MAC 135 brush so I'm just going to per usual up on the hair line and down by the temples winter makeup tutorial for women over 40 makeup tutorial over 40 because it's winter we're not trying to give ourselves a super summery look or bronze tan we're just trying to add some color to the face so I'm putting less on And then for blush I'm going to use a little bit of the milani baked blush in the color berry armore with the Sigma large angled contour Sigma F30 I'm going to pu it on the apples of my cheeks and swoop it back a litle bit makeup tutorial for women over 40 I'm going to pop on the Hourglass luminous light highlighter I'm going to fan it on the top of my cheekbones down the center of my nose cupids bow I'll run the excess on the sides to give a little glow but not big time then I always like to run the Sigma duo fiber brush over it or the ecotools it just really softens up the products and give it a more airbrushed look to your face we're going to start using the creme brullee eyeshadpw it's just a vanilla shade I'm going to put that underneath my eyebrow and all over the eyelid everywhere and into the inner corner then I'm going to use the Loreal palette the Loreal L Nude 1 and I'm going to use this shade right here as a transition shade then I'm going to use my Sigma E25 I'm going to use this shade right here just to define the crease a little bit we'll blend it out again to make sure the edges are blended at the top then I wanted to show you guys what the Nars himalaya eyeshadow looks like if you swatch it it looks like this its pretty shiny and if you use a brush it looks like that its a little softer but uts pretty shiny so I'm going to use the MAC 242 I'm going to mix it with the wet n wild shade that we already used but when you use this MAC 242 to put down the wet n wild shade you get a more intense vaniila appearance than when you use a fluffier brush to apply it this Nars Himalaya shade was in the Sephora Superstars Favorites box but I didn't use it I used the other shadow that was in the box but I still wanted to use it in a tutorial then I'm going to take some of the Himalaya and just put that over the creme brullee all over the lid of course if you wanted it to be more intense you could uses the Himalaya by itslef but I dont want to once you have that on there i the intensity that you like I use the E25 again and just kind of blend out the edes I don't put more product on it I dont want to go over the lid color I just want to make sure that its not a sharp contrast between the lid and the crease for the inner corner I'll use the same hourglass highlight that we used before we'll put a little of that in the inner corner this is the Sigma E46 inner corner brush so we'll go ahead and highlight the browbone with the same hourglass highlighter and the same Sigma inner corner brush for the lower lash line I'll use the same loreal shades that I already used I'll go in first with the lighter one I'll bring the lighter one down further and that will help camoflage any fine lines you have under there and I'll put the darker one on top of it I'm going to use the Maybelline gel eyeliner in the color brown with my Seta brush and I'm going to put a very thin line at the bottom of my upper lashes this makes your eyelashes look fuller it thickens up the base then for mascara I'm going to use the It Cosmetics tightline and the Maybelline Big Eyes the Falsies Volume espress mascara so I'm going to go in first with my It Cosmetics Tightline I use this product with every mascara it makes every mascara look better it gives a tightline effect to your eye this mascara has a very similar effect to the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara it has a side for the lower lashes which is nice for my lips I'm using the Ofra Cosmetics Lipliner in the color Mya with the Too Faced Divine WIne this lipstick makes my teeth look really white then I'm going to set my face with the smashbox photo finish primer water I don't see any great benefit for priming but I did like it when I set my makeup it made all the powders come together and look less makeup-y so I'm going to set my face with this so that's it for my WInter skincare routine and makeup look I hope you like it, if you did give it a thumbs up so I know you like these types of tutorials don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already all the information for all the products i used will be in the description box along with all the links to my social media, my instagra, twitter snapchat and facebook so be sure to check out the description box and I will see you in my next video! Bye!