Yikesget ready for thisshield your eyes It's been a long time since I've been on here I see I have some new subscribers Yeah, I have five new ones (welcome amigos) So, um, I have six now, which is great

Welcome to my channel I'm gonna be doing Makeup, even though it's not really gonna fix what's already on my face ( isn't that the truth) double chin and Regret, let's get started I'm start out with a primer that I've gotten 14 million years ago It's prime time From bareMinerals I'm sure it's expired Why do I think I'm so funny

like I'm all cringe If you guys are Interested in what camera I'm using I'm using an iPhone Yeah #firstworldproblems So if you guys have any suggestions – what kind of camera I can use? Let me know so you can get more crappy content like this (why would anyone with a brain watch this) God I'm such an influencer Alright now That that is all rubbed in I'm also going in with another bare minerals foundation it's not really a Fantastic foundation it's gonna be the complex ( IT'S COMPLEXION STUPID) rescue Probably in the shade ghost white ( sorry if I offended all the ghosts out there ) I'm gonna be using a Beauty Blender, but it's not a beauty blender It's probably a crappy sponge from Ulta and If you're interested in getting this sponge, you can use code trash at checkout

Alright? use code trash for 10% 😉 gonna be using this and a mirror a Dirty mirror that has a line on it gonna be putting this all over my face It's a very light coverage cuz even if I would have gotten a full coverage There's nothing that's gonna help my face ( so true ) so Just gonna beat it solo It's fantastic Great My complexion is looking fantastic ( if you say so crack head ) Awesome How you guys doing? ( they don't care stop harassing them ) You doing great Mm-hmm You'll love it all the crappy videos that you've seen so far What's been your favorite ( NONE OF THEM ) Mine too glad we're on the Same Page Just so you know, I really don't know what this channel is gonna turn into it's not like I'm a beauty guru or anything totally alone glam life guru you're Just using a dirty sponge Probably has mold in it who knows? There's no fenty up in here girl girl is broke Oh Girl can't know you so money She's something good at the tube As the cool kids call it nowadays ( stop trying to make tube happen ) is this not gonna make any difference cuz you're so gonna see freckles and everything up in here Oh, Also people don't think I have eyebrows But are really doing they're actually really defined and they're actually a lot darker on camera than they are in real life (…

sure) So awesome for your haters I have eyebrows and go suck on a rock ( and choke on it too ) If I ever get a big YouTube falling wouldn't that be awesome thank You go on to VidCon what anybody actually stand in line to see me at VidCon or would that still be a thing? (no) Or like Tanic on 20 All right now we're gonna go in with some nyx concealer HD concealer here Cuz we all need to see muhaha definition in my face girl ( the quality on this video sucks im sorry) All the bumps and rashes right? She's gonna go in here

This is probably expired too So awesome um, we're just gonna put this Under my eyes Oh dang, girl, it was orange Like your dirty nasty face Mm-hmm ( seriously has more craters than the moon ) Also if you're wondering yeah my hairline, it's awful Um, it looks expired ( STOP TrYinG tO mAkE eXpIrEd happen ) It's just not there But it's not as bad as Jojo see wha so don't even come for me girl is balding ( well I am not wrong ) She needs to shave off her head She's having those boats you tied you don't see me wearing no bows and look at my head just imagine her She's gonna be twenty-two depressed yuh on YouTube yuh with a bad hairline yuh She's got all that going for her Okay, great The objection here wasn't to look cakey not like you guys can really see anything cuz the quality is horrendous Speaking of if anybody wants to UM venmo me money GoFundMe PayPal me any money to get a really nice camera

That would be good ( any donations will be accepted ) I'd put it down as charity work and you would get a tax write-off So now that that's in there I Am going in For my setting powder Which is not good at all Looking for some Maybelline fit me up in here Here it is I've almost hit pen Like a Holy Grail product more like the only product I have Y Ike's like I Know I'm just making a youtube video

I'm probably washing this off but dang My pores are huge ( your 5-head is also huge honey ) Probably had your mom on my pores girl Oh just Just imagine all the things I'm going to be editing out don't like I'm gonna be good at editing or anything either ( girl you wouldn't believe what I had to edit ) How this really hurts Behrman rolls came with a kit for like $60 like five years ago You get a very orange powdery foundation, um No concealer no Anything So, let me just say I was looking snatched in the olden days, okay, just ( and thinner too, but ya know) Guess I should cover those but it's not Good anyway, they're like big mountains on my face my come on

So who's your favorite youtuber? ( shane dawson ) Thanks, it was really sweet of you uh Me too I'm such great videos Did you see that Oscar Mayer wiener hot dog, Moby Oh one Iconic right I really need some concealer to like conceal my insecurities cuz like Always gonna go everywhere Oh She's gonna get in here and ruin everything I'm just put on my face And I forgot what I do next because I usually don't do my makeup a lot

I usually just put mascara or Nothing at all and then run out the door ( wearing no makeup is why I look like crap ) oops I've been worn to skincare lately than makeup or anything else cuz if I'm going to work, I don't want to worry about makeup cuz I do End up working in the morning ( yes that's why girl has huge eyebags omg ) It's a lot and then I sweat it off because I'm a big fat sweaty Pig and just like lifting one thing I just break a sweat and just go over ( I am a fat lard ) So Yeah, I don't worry about a lot and I used to be really good at it But you know things change ( girl look back at your pictures you were horrible and still are ) um Clothes get tighter Um mood gets sadder Will to live gone so yeah just I need to work on my makeup skills again -( true ) I'm impressed people so they don't judge me Just kidding kids If you're watching this don't care about people live your life live your dreams be yourself ( don't believe that inspiring shit ) Bro stuff but Do you like that side action with the chin it's really beautiful? Um, I ( I need to cut down on the snacks ) Don't know Nagi with my brown stuff So oh Yes, and you if you are wondering I do have a messy room Girl, I have time to clean sometimes In case you guys are over here wondering how cool I really am There's no need to question anymore ( this was a joke don't come at me with your fidget spinner hating ass ) There's no need to question

Just look at the haters and go That's all you needed it don't know what I did with my brows stuff and George George average pivot we Are gonna go to the eyeballs? And I'm just gonna put some concealer on as Primer Would you like to hear a bird impression(no) Yes, I Heard some yeses out there in the audience We're going into the Too Faced natural matte matte natural Boopity boop Boop This is what it looks like Very basic Not as basic as me cuz we're gonna go in here With heaven my bird impressions

Okay Let's go Turkey ( exposing my self on youtube human or turkey?) Wasn't that great I Think it was fantastic So I have no fear Yahiro was here My super sense is telling me that danger is near this is what right us ( SUPERLUV BEOTCH ) Jaws Just gonna go hand with Kashmir buddy just gonna go here and let it Maybe I can use one of these eyeshadows to help my brows out

Mhm Mhm got this one This one's called Ah This is caution orange if you get pebbles to make that last noise your ring tone, I'm prettier I Don't know I'm just kind of making no ( if you are reading this comment down below: RIP bicc ) Wink a little bit You know what? what if I just wipe these out and Just go Dark and like Gothic and spooky

Oh (spoopy) Okay, like spooky You know, let's try eyeliner um, I'm sure it's gonna go as great as everything else is and this is looking so sticky and so Tanky Okay Let's try the whole eyeliner thing see how that's gonna go This is the Kat Von D tattoo liner (Kat and Jeffree in the same video *controversial*) Got this in a Sephora play subscription so it's not a full thing because once again, I am cheap and broke what always happens to me is I'll get one eye right and the other is just gonna be its Sister that was just like stuck in the womb Oh ( is that offensive to people in wombs?) I'm sorry, if I'm not talking I'm holding my breath right out like holding my breath Oh Like good for me You know this actually isn't that bad

No, I'll say that and I won't be able to do this one Oh I won't be able to do this one probably cuz like look this isn't a bad, you know, like it's not a bad Like somebody on the other side, he's gonna be like, oh ho it's horrible so far so good, but they are Uneven, I can already tell Ya It's not too bad ( ypu sure? ) You don't too bad the viewers at home or going Watch out male population I'm coming for you ( and they are running away ) Like they're both not bad but together they're just like So I'm not really like a bronzer girl cuz like Cheekbones are already killing it Obviously, so Miss Guru And we're using Too Faced today What do you mean like today cuz this is like the only mascara you have The lashes on both of my eyes they grow weird This one is out like and the other one is out like I mean This is as good as it can get I mean, what are you hoping for? What are you wishing for? Oh when I do that It's like MySpace When I was a young boy my father ( all emos have been emotional attacked ) Took man to the city Seeing a marching band Oh Maybe I'll be a big song one day

You know, you never know you never know and if I am he could be like hey, I was one of like Two subscribers watching this girl that looks like she's on crack She's gonna put mascara on my bottom lashes To make me look like less of a Ghost (searching for viewer friendly white things) also if you're actually like generally enjoying the crappy jokes that I'm doing and Like all the crap that's happening right here hit subscribe hit the notification bell so you can get some more quality content I'm just gonna say that in the middle of the video because the end result is almost here this is the most lavish makeup collection that I own and Don't mind if I do Just look how beautiful this is ( Jeffree Star Cosmetics 100% recommend ) Look how beautiful this is we've got skin type mannequin celebrity skin posh spice rose madder Gemini Leo Androgyny that's like his really really famous one right here Just go ahead and do Androgyny right here I'm just going off of my natural Lip line and what's the collar here Cupid's bow I'm not over lining or messing it up because it is crooked It's naturally kind of crooked and one's bigger than the other and ( that's what she said ) You know just all the fun messed-up things that comes with the full package Wow ( "full package ") I really sponge it really bad, but I'm not gonna go back with concealer and do that because who does that? You know only like beauty gurus and this isn't this type of channel

This right here is Probably just gonna be your finished look Yeah, I'm so glad that you've watched this tutorial And you all can rock the same Look as I am I know it's really beautiful ( na they are okay ) I'm you guys are really jealous in my face right now I'm jealous of my own face And jealous of everybody else's faces We could actually apply makeup

But you know, who cares this is my video right now Thank you guys for watching I know I'm not that good at makeup I just want to sit here and talk and make a video and I really do appreciate all the people that are subscribed to me so far and hopefully one day I'll have a bigger channel and Better quality content and a better camera and maybe one day I better face ( highly doubt that but wishful thinking on my part ) Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it And if you guys are interested in more videos in the future leave me some suggestions for videos down below in the comments Make sure to hit that ( thanks for watching :)) Notification bell and don't forget to subscribe and I'm gonna see you guys next time Bye